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Mandingocytherea Online

Confessions of Caroline De Mulder

It is the revelation in 2010 Belgian Francophone Literature: Caroline De Mulder (Price Rossel 2010 his first novel "Ego Tango") which I told you about in December ( http://ecrivainsbelges.blogspot.com/2010/12/ Rossel-price-2010-for-carolina-de.html . In the last review of "The Book and Instants," Caroline talks about her novel:

"I danced a lot, yes. Moreover, since I have a little trouble to gesticulate at parties "normal." But this is not an autobiographical novel, although I am inspired by people around me that time to construct the secondary characters: the dancer invites only beginners, Chilean women who stuck between two doors, and Professor Stephen King, obviously (he really died on the track, right in the ball!). I wanted to put my story in microcosm like that, where things are stagnant. And side "policeman" of my novel fits in well: the tango was born in the shallows, and initially told stories of violence. The sentimentality associated with it has come after. There is in this dance is something very sad, but very beautiful too. In a passage from the book, I say that tango is a substitute rather than a prelude. For some, dance replaces truly love. It is a love sublimed without acting out. Moreover, the tango is a metaphor of love unrealized: the man advances, the woman declined, he tries to keep the dancer, she always escapes. Otherwise there is no movement. Whether you are unemployed or banker does not change. On the track, there is no social hierarchy. What matters is the level of dance. Tango is staged. Even when one is picked it should seem, be cool, smart. The better the prince's ball, even if it's a wreck in life. There is also a real cruelty, almost Darwinian: women sometimes wait while the ball that invites them in vain. "

addition to a second novel, Caroline De Mulder also preparing an essay on Faust: "To me, these are two entirely different things. A close friend said that in one case, write the left hand in the other hand right. On the one hand, there is academic writing, sound, on the other, the lack of control, predictive text input, at least initially. Twenty years ago I wrote, it ' is like a disease. It is a very important part of my life, but I spoke rarely, and only intimates. Being published is a recognition that part of me. "

She also talks about his passion for reading: "It was at Namur I really learned to read with discernment, to reflect the style of writing. I'm still a reader additive, I love the page turner, as they say, books by Stieg Larsson, for example. But I discovered that time we could take more pleasure in reading books more demanding (Beckett, Céline, Duras, eg). At the University of Ghent, Caroline Mulder has dedicated his thesis to Leconte de Lisle: "It sometimes seems that only Rimbaud, Verlaine and Baudelaire exist for academics. I liked the character very chanted the writing, Leconte de Lisle.

Wish good luck to that Belgian author who seems to have a promising future ...

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Quotes To Put In Wedding Card

Dream a Little Dream ...

A very beautiful gift to end the month of February in beauty ...!
This superb doll artist was made by the wonderful Nicole West, inspired by my drawing Dream On ... !
Thank you Nicole! ♥

A very precious gift to finish in the Month of February ... shining glory! This beautiful doll artist
Is A one-of-a-kind creation by The Wonderful
Nicole West , am and is Inspired by my artwork Dream On ... !
Thank you so much Nicole! ♥

you see? I've updated three times a week! P
I'm getting ahead because my schedule is booked after ... until the end of the year!

Have You Noticed? Three updates in a week! P
I'm Taking a little head off, Because my schedule Afterwards Will Be Very Busy ... and Till The End of the Year!

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New Salon Client Form

Friday is glauky!

A little doodle of a gloomy Friday night ... but I like it actually. : D

A little sketch i did tonight ... it's freaky Friday, I guess! But I like it. : D

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Colorful Skirt Outfits

Rescue Collection Area North

Created in the early 80's to republish in paperback literary heritage Belgian Francophone become unavailable, the collection area north of 300 titles in its catalog that is explicitly aimed at public school: Georges Simenon, Marie Gevers, Michel de Ghelderode Emile Verhaeren Maurice Maeterlinck, Charles de Coster, Paul Willems, Suzanne Lilar Jacqueline Harpman, Peter Mertens, Gaston Compere, Simon Leys, Jacques Izoard, Emmanuel Francois, Caroline Lamarche, etc.. Despite the constant support of the French community (2 million euros in almost 30 years), the collection area North changed hands several times in recent years: Labor, Labor Literature, Luc Pire, Renaissance du Livre and Sunflower Councils. Sunflowers

Councils, judicial reorganization, wishing to focus primarily on contemporary publishing, the risk was great to see the collection taken up by an editorial group interested in the only profitable securities, which would probably mean the demise of the collection North Area . Also the Minister of Culture in the French Community Fadila Laanan did buy the brand, stock, rights and contracts with the authors of the North Area Community French. An operator will be appointed soon to revive the series, reprint-print titles, its promotion in schools and study its digital broadcasting. North Area will be now protected from economic vagaries of publishing houses, and one can only rejoice!

Unlimited Club Nintendo Stars Generator

Pin-up in progress 2

Pidou Poum Poum!
A little teaser ...!

Pom pom Pidoo!
Here Is A little teaser ...!

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What Does Total Bili Mean

News of the Belgian author Evelyne Wilwerth

Evelyne Wilwerth will be this week at the Book Fair in Brussels on 19 and 20 March at the Salon du Livre in Paris, and April 30 to 17h at the store Maelstrom (1040 Brussels). The author Versailles Nicole wrote on his blog on account of the book "Deadly Butterfly" by Evelyne Wilwerth:

"It is the author's humor, which occurs unexpectedly and makes the reader smile. The character evolves in this brutal world and doing well often pirouettes, which, given the discomfort and danger of his situation, knows the real courage. And at the same time, an emotion which over inner journey of the heroine, has stirred the reader that I am. But it is a growing feeling that connects us about love, life, in human relations if sometimes marred by lack of dialogue ... And at the same time, a suspense that compels us to literally turn the next page for the events. A novel I left to regret when I had finished. And at the same time, I love writing, sensitive, sensory, sometimes very sensual ... very nice in any case ... at times very poetic. This is a novel that is really worth ... I found it beautiful, a true hymn to femininity, to life. "

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How To Masterate A Women

About No. 11

cuckoo boys & girls !!!!!!!

C "is under the influence of champagne (BEH yes, it's Valentine c'soir !!!!!); that I write, MDRRRRRRRRRRRR! Happy Valentine to all those who love each other! !!!!!! to all types of love indeed!

that falls well the topic is quite festive and glamorous:

"And if you were. ... + all the beautiful dresses?? "

It's time to talk about the fashion victim who is in you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have until March 13, noon
your sheave, reputation of your username and accompanied your transcribed text in your email (if you have one text). Do not forget to tell me the name of your blog.

Here's what the subject has inspired the TP:

We start


its journaling:
'dresses, it's really not my thing!
the princess dresses that I'm not dreaming.
So if I was to be the most beautiful dresses, I'd be without
doubt that one day,
My Wedding Dress "



My journaling:
"The dress of my dreams would look like a rose, it would be full of frou frou-and lightness. It would be romantic, ultra feminine and a bit rock and roll. "

***************** *******


His journaling:

"My best dress of the summer 2010. Not only is it convenient, comfortable but above She has intense color and vivid that embody the joy that dwells in me and my outlook on life, that is to say colorful! "





Pati tell you his impressions:
"There's no journaling or title, but here's what I want to say: If I were a dress, I'd always held a fairy, airy, ethereal, with lightweight fabrics shimmering magic, there would be flowers, precious stones, a touch of pink or purple maybe ... If I was that dress, I'd be fine with wings accompanied by drawings graceful, a headdress of flowers and I would leave in my wake trails of fairy dust. "

** *********************

Go now! Have fun, and if you were the best tonight? ?

We await your pages (or other) eagerly .....

Big kisses

Bérangère / Chiknana and all DT

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Most Enjoyable Way To Masterbate

of participations on No. 10

Hello everyone, Here

entries about "And if you gagniiez Lotto, .....???"

It begins with


and journaling:
I have a wonderful husband whom I love for almost 23 years and an adorable little girl that I am very proud.
I have a job I like, in which I can still change and I do not see myself stop working.
I have a beautiful house and anyway, even if I could buy more, I do not see myself leaving my neighborhood.
I have a little sister who I love with great talk and scrap.
I have friends with whom I'm having as ever, and others with whom I can discuss everything.
So yes, surely I would buy a new car, I spoil my family, I would put the people I love the freedom from want, that I would make some small pleasures, but I'm partisans of "Money can not buy happiness, although there helping" and "I am proud to have everything we have by the sweat of our brow"
So basically, I do not play especially since the only thing that I like, I can not buy it: it is to be sure my family and I still live as happy and healthy currently "

The touch of brilliance: the crown of galette.

****************** ***********************************


and journaling:
"If I were rich ...
After touring the world, we would move with my darling to the campaign and take it easy amidst the greenery with our garden, our fruit trees ... "

IS THE KEY TO SHINE provided by the color of the glitter pen, for the brass plate copper shining at various locations through the paper mulberry and glossy when the stress is applied;

********************************************** *******


its journaling:

"if I won the lot, I would buy an apartment in Paris and also one for each of our children. I would work one day to 2 or even 2 per week. J ' would go see all the people I love regardless of distance and prices. I'd gifts to all my relatives and all the causes which affect me. I would build a pool of 33 meters or buy a house beside a lake. I would go with my husband spa, it would make shopping a family, we would go on holiday in the sun? .. "

The touch of shine ??????? ?: forgotten, I think!

******************************* ***************


who did not have a blog yet

and journaling:
"If I won the lottery ...
all depends on the amount won, of course, but the first thing would be to buy a small house for my mom. "

The touch of brilliance: ???????? forgotten, I think!



with its journaling:

The touch of brilliance: the paper-cutting

************ *********************************


and journaling:
"I would buy a house in Normandy
2 I will need the shelter of my relatives
3 A nice car for a baby and for me too
4 I would stop working, but find another occupation open a shop or scrap
5 Retype the house mother in Normandy
6 give the league against cancer "

key of Brilliance: brads" diamond "

** ************************************************** ******


and journaling:
"to win the lottery, he would first that I play, I do not like gambling, because for me a dime and a penny .. lol "

His touch Brightness: red glitter on the gesso

********************************* ***********************


And her journaling :........

The touch of brilliance: very slight glimmer of it.

******************************************* ******

and Hidden journaling:
"If I win the jackpot, I would too too too happy and then I would make my family even more happy too! I would go to Japan with my boyfriend, and then buy a loft! And then I give to my parents who really need it ... And then handbags and clothes by the thousands! Well, I do not play me ... not the lottery. "

The touch of brilliance: the big red brads

*********************** ******************************


with its journaling:

"Ah if I were rich ....

... I would make big boobs (ha no it is the "they" lol)

I'd travel the world, for sure! Asia, the Americas, the most beautiful islands in the world.

EXPLORER, take the time ...

I would buy the house of our dreams, I would be a workshop in a conservatory with garden views;))

I'd shopping - shoes, bags, clothes, shoes, and of course SCRAP!

I would put my family at the shelter, not be obliged to work for LIFE!

A new bike for my darling and the land that goes with it!

I offer a trip to all my buddies! Imagine a fiesta that would be!

I would open my shop workshop that I dream for years!

Yes yes I am willing to win the lottery:)) "

key sheen? Oops forgot!

*************** ***************************

That is cool huh??
Well, by cons, this month, I have not done too much for the mandatory constraint blunder ..... next time: 'ttention hin, j'vous have an eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

thank you all for your participation!

And also thank you for your interest in our blog: You're already 81 subscribers to the newsletter, after 2 months of installation .... amazing it is

tomorrow for the new topic.

Bérangère / Chiknana

Fotos De Mulheres Peladonas

Pin-up in progress

To make you wait until you have the right to show you more ... An overview of
sketch of my beautiful pinup for the exhibition of the same name!

To Give You A Glimpse Before I Can Show You The Entire piece ... A little peep
At The sketch of my pin-up girl for the Show!

You can also begin your feast your eyes on the blog the Expo ...!

You Can Also get some eye-candy show On The Blog ...!

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Cost Of Building A Squash Court

News of the Belgian author Isabelle Fable

I have not yet had the opportunity to read a book by Isabelle Fable (born in 1949 in Ixelles) to give my opinion. Also go to its website comprehensive http://www.isabelle-fable.be/ to explore his career and his work. Isabelle Fable will be Feb. 16 at the House of Writers Ixelles (presenting his new "The Hummingbird"), 17, 19 and 20 February in Brussels Book Fair (info: http://www.foiredulivredebruxelles.be/ ), March 6 literary salon at the Halles Saint-Gery, April 23 at the Book Fair in Molenbeek, May 18 at the Writers House in Ixelles (presentation of "Outstanding Women"), May 27 at the invitation of Bouffioulx Feather Circle, brushes and friendship, and Sept. 7 at Espace Wallonie in Brussels (presentation of the author Luc Moës).

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White Indian Wedding Lenghas

Montreal Expo Pin Ups

Hello everyone!
Just a short post to announce my next group show at The Gallery in Montreal!
I'll try to film the full realization of my drawings for this exhibition, to show you behind the scenes ...!

Hello everyone!
Just a little message to tell you about my next show at The Gallery in Montreal, Canada!
I Will try to record my Entire Process "during the making of this artwork, in order to show you ... The Backstage!

After his first successful exhibition "Tribute Skydoll" The Montreal-Paris Gallery presents a major new exhibition! The theme this time: The Pin-Up !
More than sixty artists all more talented than the others engage with delight at the performance of their way to make the feminine curves, with an inspiration vintage (20s to 60), term fashionable these days, like the resurgence of garter belt and Burlesque!
Ambassador of the exhibition: Maly Siri itself designer pin-ups, among others. It must be said that the list of guest artists dream: you can see (and / or acquire) the originals of incredibly talented artists like Juanjo Guarnido, Cameron Stewart, Olivier Vatine Dean Yeagle, Philippe Berthet, Carlos Nine, John Mulatier, Arthur de Pins, Nathalie Rattner, and so many more!
An exhibition that was decidedly not wait to see in March at the Grand Burlesque Show avantpremière Scarlett James in Montreal!

Expo will continue in Paris from April 28 to May 12 puis à nouveau à Montréal, dans les locaux de La Gallery, du 21 mai au 4 juin.

Right after its first successful collective exhibition "Skydoll Tribute", La Gallery Montreal-Paris presents a brand new great exhibition ! This time, the theme is: Pin-Up Girls !
More than 60 designers, from illustration, comics, and animation, will draw delightfully their interpretation of the feminine curves, in a "vintage" inspiration (from 20s to 60s), a trendy term these days, as much as the revival of suspenders and BURLESQUE !
The exhibition's ambassadress: Maly Siri , pin-up artist herself, among other things. We must say that the authors list is quite impressive ! At the Grand Burlesque Show, you will admire and/or acquire original artworks by incredibly talented and famous artists such Juanjo Guarnido, Cameron Stewart, Olivier Vatine, Dean Yeagle, Philippe Berthet, Carlos Nine, Nathalie Rattner, Arthur de Pins, and many many others !
An exhibition we are impatient to discover at Scarlett James' Grand Burlesque Show in Montreal !

The show will go on in Paris, from April 28th to May 12th, and back to Montreal, from May 21th to June 4rth !

Fundraising Ideas Katydids Candy

"Belgians in France" (Jacques Mercier)

Author of thirty books (essays, poems, novels, etc..) writer and host Jacques Mercier was chosen in 2006 to look for Belgians living and / or working in France in all fields. The first chapter is devoted to the decade of tremendous film Belgian

"For ten years, the Belgians are needed in the winners of the Cannes Festival! This is probably the most visible part of the Belgian presence in France. Let a quick overview: two Palmes d'Or brothers Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne. In 1999, they received the Palme for "Rosetta," and in 2005, they receive a second time for "The Child", and four price Interpretation: Pascal Duquenne, who shares the prize with Daniel Auteuil in 1996 for the film "The Eighth Day" by Jaco Van Dormael, Natacha Regnier, with Elodie Bouchez, in 1998 for the film "The Dreamlife of Angels", Emilie Dequenne in 1999 for her role in "Rosetta" and Olivier Gourmet, in 2002 , for his performance in "son" by the Dardenne brothers. To remain in the sphere of the Cannes Festival, one of the finest showcases of international cinema, adding that Cecile de France was a beautiful mistress of ceremonies for the presentation of the Festival of Fins 2005. It should also be mentioned in this movement, this vortex Cannes revealing Benedict Poelvoorde in 1992 in "Man Bites Dog" Remy Belvaux "(p.13). Not to mention Jean-Claude Van Damme, Belgian actor best known worldwide ...

Jacques Mercier then tells the journey of Belgians who succeeded in Paris on television (Christine Ockrent, Olivier Minne, Paul Germain, Maureen Dor, Virginia Efira ...), in the show (Andre Lamy, Frédéric Flamand, the brothers Trowell, Annie Cordy, Salvatore Adamo, Frederick Francis, Maureen McGovern, Axelle Red, but also younger generation represented by Virginia Hocq, dEUS, Jonathan Cerrada, Weeping Willow and ,...), jazz (Toots Thielemans, Marc Moulin, Eric Legnini ...), classical music (Gerard Mortier, Bernard Foccroulle, Pierre Bartholomée, José Van Dam,...), la littérature (Françoise Mallet-Joris, Jacqueline Harpman, Amélie Nothomb, Nadine Monfils, François Weyergans, Pierre Mertens, Henry Bauchau,...), la bande dessinée (Tibet, Raoul Couvin, François Schuiten, Philippe Geluck,...), l'art contemporain (Panamarenko, Pierre Alechinsky, Wim Delvoye, Olivier Strebelle, Jan Fabre, ...), les affaires (Albert Frère, Etienne Davignon,...), le sport (Eddy Merckx, Tom Boonen, Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin, Jacques Rogge, Jean-Michel Saive,...).

L'auteur évoque également nos stylistes : "Dans les années 50, les maisons Belgian fashion creations offered mostly in Paris. These houses bought or made models or patterns that they reproduced in other tissues. Today, schools of Fine Arts of La Cambre or Antwerp are a source of new talent. Among them, Jose Enrique Ona Selfa, a graduate from La Cambre, who signs the collection of the house Loewe. Olivier Theyskens, including Madonna wore a dress to the Oscars, and created since 2003, the collections of the house Rochas. Since the '80s, the band of six of Antwerp has a long way. When students were unknown, they all presented their creations in London the famous British Designer Show, and were the revelation of the show. Other fashion houses Belgian offer their creations in Paris: Gerald Watelet, Pierre Gauthier, Yves Dooms, Pascale Olivier Strelli or Kervan, specializing in formal wear. But the Belgian fashion, they are also the accessories: the famous leather goods Delvaux or hats Elvis Pompilio and Christophe Coppens' (p.241). It should also be mentioned the designer Edouard Vermeulen and milliner Fabienne Delvigne working for families Royal Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden!

Jacques Mercier concludes with a tribute to Sister Emmanuelle (born in 1908 Brussels) who ended his life in a retirement home in southern France. His association with more than 50,000 needy children worldwide.

This book introduced me to many little-known personalities and has reinforced my pride in being Belgian. Small in size, Belgium has a remarkable architectural heritage, beautiful green areas, a very important associational life, a lot of talent and folklore now recognized by Unesco. Our multicultural country also hosts several European institutions, including government officials and diplomats sustain our economy and our culture and discover the meaning of Day. Vive la Belgique! Leve België!

Also read: my review of the novel "A Fine Balance" by Jacques Mercier ( http://ecrivainsbelges.blogspot.com/2009/08/un-equilibre-fragile-jacques-mercier.html )

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How Do I Remove Alluminium Oxide

The House of Poetry in Namur

Established in 1987, the Documentation Centre of the House of Poetry in Namur offers more than 40,000 documents, available only on site, which are divided into several sections. The largest is devoted to the poetry of French language authors Belgian, French and Canadian. Foreign literature is also present in collections: Flemish, African, Italian, German, English or English-American. A multimedia library and a fund complement this broad range of documents: dvd, vhs, cd, audio controls various meetings, lectures, debates in the House of Poetry since its inception.

The center is open weekdays (except school holidays) from 10am to 16h for all audiences without exception. Making appointments by phone is desirable so that a qualified librarian to welcome you and help you in your research. You can also check the database available online ( www.mplf.be ) Dedicated solely to the Belgian authors.

From 22 to 26 June 2011, the House of Poetry in Namur will host the 8th International Festival of Poetry and the Market. You can be informed of their activities through their magazine that you can receive free of charge upon request.

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80s Male Aerobic Instructor

Tom Lanoye finally translated into French

So he knows a lot of success since the 80s, the Dutch writer and playwright Tom Lanoye (born in Sint-Niklaas in 1958) had never been translated into French. Now it is done: "Sprakeloos" (80,000 copies sold in Flanders and the Netherlands) was translated into French by Alain van Crugten and became "The language of my mother" (Editions La Difference). The presentation has to have occurred in the presence of Jacques De Decker, the permanent secretary of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium, which shows the importance of the event.

In "The language of my mother," Tom Lanoye wanted to express in words his modesty to speak of his mother and the terrible stroke which rendered aphasic and slid into dementia, she lived only by words and was the theater. The suffering of the mother and his entourage, his death is told with a raw truth but also a lot of modesty, love and emotion.

Lanoye Tom told the press: "The translation is very touching, because the story of a mother with aphasia is a universal story that can touch everyone. We do not know beyond the language border. When the KVS, Josse de Pauw trying to cross, they do it alone, without political support. I hope my other novels can now be translated in turn. What happens to me is like winning the lottery, a lucky coincidence, because on the bottom, things are not moving and I do not break the agreement between cultural communities. Flemings I ask, for example, to take account of their great writers, even if they have written in French, as Maeterlinck, Rodenbach and Verhaeren, and stop whining about the status of their language when we play today in Dutch at the Avignon Festival and with great success! And I ask the French to break their idea of a monolithic Flanders. There are, of course, a wing who wants revenge isolated worldwide and threatens us with a cultural catastrophe. Movements like that found in other countries in response to globalization. But there is another wing, opened the world who does not want to Belgium, as this would automatically mean the loss of Brussels.

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Yellow Running Shorts, Juno

Three Belgian poets

After Portugal, Poland, Spain and Hungary, it was Belgium who is honored in the series "Three Poets" published by Editions du Whisper ( http://www.editions-du-murmure.fr/ ). Karel Logist wrote the preface and notes: "While many poets of this time are narcissistic buffoons we gladly leave to join their reflection in water depths of a sweet, others take to mirror society and we refer a personal vision and new. Janzyk Veronique, Wouters and Serge Antoine Delaive have chosen to be one of them. "

Veronica Janzyk has published two books: "Self" in The House of Echos in France, and "The House" published in Belgium in the literary magazine The Fram.

Born in 1965 in Liege, Serge Delaive is the author of ten books and three novels published in Belgium and France. He received the Prix Rossel 2009 for his novel "Argentina." He is co-founder of the magazine The Fram.

philosopher by training, Antoine Wauters (30 years) is co-editor of The Language Cheers, is dedicated to writing and working as a scriptwriter for films. He was awarded the Polak 2008 from the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature in Belgium.

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Warrior Fitness Bootcamp Prices


Bonjour à tous !
Et tout d'abord... une très happy new year 2011!
I want it to be joyous, surprising and a bit dippy and full of creativity!

Hello everyone! First and foremost ...
I wish you a very very happy 2011!
May it be joyful, Surprising, a little bit crazy and definitely creative!

My resolution for 2011 (yes, I took one) is to feed ever more new content in this blog, especially with short videos showing you how I work. Here is a first test I did to test my editing software (not super successful, but the next will be better, I promise)! By moving sur la bande, vous pouvez voir comment je travaille la couleur et les ombres pendant ces 6 minutes et quelques. J'espère que ça vous plaît...! :)

My good resolution for 2011 (yes, I made one) is to update this blog more frequently, especially with short videos to show you how I work. Here is a first attempt I made to test my movie software (not the best video ever but the next one will be better, I swear) ! By going back and forth, you can see how I'm working the colours and shadows out during those 6 minutes or so. I hope you like it...! :)

Work in Progress I from Kmye Chan Vimeo is .

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Antychryst I Przeciwnicy Koscioła W Polsce

Programming Recreation Winter 2011 Recreation


Monday, January 3, 2011

American Preparation H Wrap

Our authors Theatre in January 2011

for your diaries. Here are some plays written by Belgian authors :

1 ° "Chronicles of an exhausted city" Fabrice Murgia. She is young and alone every night in front of his computer screen. What a dream continues its avatar in the pixilated universe of "Second Life"? Whether it leaking reinventing themselves elsewhere? Heroin copy of the ultra-modern loneliness, silent character invented by Fabrice Murgia we swung through a sophisticated stage, into the abyss of contemporary virtual worlds, a country of dreams and hearts wonders for tired, thirsty for happiness. From January 28 to 30 in the Festival of Liège ( www.festivaldeliege.be )

2 "Fuels" Amelie Nothomb. In a city under siege in the heart of winter, a single fuel helps to fight against the cold: books. Dilemma for a literature professor, his assistant and a student: what book is it really that he sacrificed a moment of physical warmth? Until January 22 The Public Theater ( www.theatrelepublic.be )

3 "Biography of Hunger by Amélie Nothomb. The Young Amelie Nothomb, make travel and culture shock, told through the prism of hunger: the hunger for not only food but also an appetite for love, books and writing. From January 11 to 14 at Eden in Charleroi ( www.pba-eden.be )

4 ° "Cinderella, macho!" Sébastien Ministru. What if Cinderella was a man? Considering that Prince Charming is one too, you get the first gay Cinderella. With, the key, some questions not so innocent as that. What will it be a day when the crown prince will come out? And when the prince will ascend the throne, how do we will call her husband a kidney? Until January 8 at the Théâtre de la Toison d'Or ( www.theatredelatoisondor.be )

5 "Terminal Ballistics" by Coline Struyf. The purpose of terminal ballistics is calculated the precise parameters of the impact of projectiles. Indifferent to the motive for the crime, she observes trajectories and collapse, and damage resistance of targets. After months of investigation in this universe strangely specialized Coline Struyf transforms his diary text for the stage, a prose poem for two actresses mixing speech and movement. The 22 and 23 January as part of the Festival of Liège ( www.festivaldeliege.be ) and 24 and Jan. 25 at the National Theatre ( www.theatrenational.be ).

6 ° "Stib, following paths marked sub-human" Genevieve Damascus. Magda has been living in Brussels Eva just got there. A force to rub each morning on the tram, they end up talking and build relationships. January 13 at the Cultural Center of the Scailmont Manage ( www.management-commune.be ) and Jan. 15 at the Cultural Center of Evere ( www.centreculturelevere.be ).

7 "Made in China" Thierry Debroux. Following the acquisition and relocation of their company by a Chinese group, three French managers are coached by a human resources manager responsible for assessing their potential. In a tragicomic atmosphere, the three men are to exploit compromising their integrity. Suspicion, competition, fears manipulations and successive scheduled over a story full of twists. January 28 at the Cultural Center of Sambreville ( www.sambreville.be ).

8 "Outside the Law" Regis Duqué. It is a western written for the theater. There is a good, bad, a provocative teacher, a pretty damn naive and a virgin. But is there going to be guns? Scrawny bushes crossing Main Street in stock under a scorching wind and sanded? Blue eyes in all dirty mouths, furrowed by the rotgut? Until January 8 at Atelier 210 ( www.atelier210.be ).

All these information are from the bimonthly magazine "The Book and Moments" that you can receive free on request from the Department of Promotion of Letters of the French community of Belgium. Here