Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paper Towels Target Generic Brand

:: Sweety Sorcellery:

Bijour everyone

Today no news my side, but also a little publicity stunt for a friend.
yes Hey, Sweety Sorcellery a collective of young writers is finally in stores, you can and you gotta get it now. We therefore find

Ood Serrière drawing, accompanied by Cyril Vincent the color that make this thread nice and magical story.

To live the other stories, you'll find drawings of Aurora, and Kmix Nicolaci Silvestro.

Ai-Lynn is a young witch who dreams of creating of Cristabulles, magical stories to feel that rage in the wizarding world. But for the magic in each of these stories, Ai-Lynn loses a piece of her heart. And it weakens dangerously ..... "
So I count on you to go buy this comic. A spellbinding story, poetic and original that does not leave you indifferent. You will not be disappointed!

soon, Bec

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Free Vietnameses Movies

Council Meeting for July 2009 July 2009 edition Chapman

PDF file: pv_6_juillet_2009.pdf

Monday, August 3, 2009

Why Do Ice Skates Hurt The Arch Of My Foot

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ultimate Steal Buy Problem

: It's alive! ::

Yop everyone, finally some news.

Another long absence ...:)
I come with several new features. First I participated in Fan Art Contest organized by Ood ( for their collective coming out end of August "Sweety Sorcellery" ... also have to go buy it right out:)

It did me the honor to choose me in first place tie with Didier Cassegrain, which makes me of course more fun and will I further boost thanks to this I will be entitled to a superb original! Ood thank you!

For the rest, I worked earlier this year with an excellent writer who really helped me to grow (thank you to him) Lawrence Habart (Http:// with which we had proposed a "Holy Savior" whose screenplay was accepted, unfortunately my picture did not appeal to the editor.

Now you know everything. Currently I am working with the same writer on a short story of 5 pages. I'll keep you posted!

soon and thank you for those who spend here:) + +