Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Confessions of Caroline De Mulder

It is the revelation in 2010 Belgian Francophone Literature: Caroline De Mulder (Price Rossel 2010 his first novel "Ego Tango") which I told you about in December ( http://ecrivainsbelges.blogspot.com/2010/12/ Rossel-price-2010-for-carolina-de.html . In the last review of "The Book and Instants," Caroline talks about her novel:

"I danced a lot, yes. Moreover, since I have a little trouble to gesticulate at parties "normal." But this is not an autobiographical novel, although I am inspired by people around me that time to construct the secondary characters: the dancer invites only beginners, Chilean women who stuck between two doors, and Professor Stephen King, obviously (he really died on the track, right in the ball!). I wanted to put my story in microcosm like that, where things are stagnant. And side "policeman" of my novel fits in well: the tango was born in the shallows, and initially told stories of violence. The sentimentality associated with it has come after. There is in this dance is something very sad, but very beautiful too. In a passage from the book, I say that tango is a substitute rather than a prelude. For some, dance replaces truly love. It is a love sublimed without acting out. Moreover, the tango is a metaphor of love unrealized: the man advances, the woman declined, he tries to keep the dancer, she always escapes. Otherwise there is no movement. Whether you are unemployed or banker does not change. On the track, there is no social hierarchy. What matters is the level of dance. Tango is staged. Even when one is picked it should seem, be cool, smart. The better the prince's ball, even if it's a wreck in life. There is also a real cruelty, almost Darwinian: women sometimes wait while the ball that invites them in vain. "

addition to a second novel, Caroline De Mulder also preparing an essay on Faust: "To me, these are two entirely different things. A close friend said that in one case, write the left hand in the other hand right. On the one hand, there is academic writing, sound, on the other, the lack of control, predictive text input, at least initially. Twenty years ago I wrote, it ' is like a disease. It is a very important part of my life, but I spoke rarely, and only intimates. Being published is a recognition that part of me. "

She also talks about his passion for reading: "It was at Namur I really learned to read with discernment, to reflect the style of writing. I'm still a reader additive, I love the page turner, as they say, books by Stieg Larsson, for example. But I discovered that time we could take more pleasure in reading books more demanding (Beckett, CĂ©line, Duras, eg). At the University of Ghent, Caroline Mulder has dedicated his thesis to Leconte de Lisle: "It sometimes seems that only Rimbaud, Verlaine and Baudelaire exist for academics. I liked the character very chanted the writing, Leconte de Lisle.

Wish good luck to that Belgian author who seems to have a promising future ...


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