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Josse De Mulder Pauw translated into French by Nicole

Comedian and author Belgian Dutch Josse De Pauw is translated into French for the first time: Genesis editions publish "The time being ", a compilation of two of his works written in Dutch (" Werk "and" Nog ") that tell of memories and stories with her daughter.

the occasion of the release of this book, he confided to journalist Isabelle Monnart in the daily "La Derniere Heure / Les Sports"
"You're glad that you discovered in French in text?
- Yes, I am thrilled! I live my life in Brussels, I have a lot of friends who could follow me speaking in my work in theater, but not in writing. It was at Reading Theatre National I made calls to editors of the foot. And it worked.
- It was interesting for you to read in another language?
- Yes. Because even if I live part of my life in French, here is nevertheless a language foreign to me. I reread in another way, although I agree 100%.
- tell you with great fondness your childhood memories of the campaign!
- was important to me. Because even if I became a citizen today, that's where I grew up. But I did not want to put nostalgia. I think I started to write, to revive a past, to better understand me.
- You do not find here in the theater?
- I do not know. What is certain is that using a material like that the theater would be too nostalgic accents. I started writing when I was thirty years but I was not dreaming of a book: they were mere exercises in observation. I never speak to the theater as I do in this book. "

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wacth Ross Kemp On Gangs Oline

New Book Verschoore

Born in 1939, Dr. Nicole Verschoore is in Germanic philology from the University of Ghent. Assistant Professor Herman Uyttersprot, Fellow of the National Fund for Scientific Research she chose a career in 1973 as a journalist: she is a contributing editor and responsible for culture in liberal daily Het Laatste Nieuws "(until 1988), then chronicler of musical life in Brussels until 1994. The year of the publication of his first novel published by Gallimard, Nicole Verschoore takes the direction of Ghent the weekly "The New Courier" (1994-1999). The Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium awarded him the Prix Michot for his trilogy of novels The Passion and Men ("Scrolls of the tower", "Mount Blandin" and "The charrette Lapsceure). More information http://www.nicoleverschoore.be/

In 2010, The Scream editions published his latest book, "Autobiography of a century." I have not had a chance to read it, but I invite you to discover the report written by Henri-Floris Jespers in the quarterly journal of the Foundation Ca Ira ( http://www.caira.over-blog.com/ ):

"factor, an endangered species disappearance, deliberately sacrificed at the altar of bloody sacrosanct free markets (read: frantic bait and devastating gain), handed me two books by Nicole Verschoore by hand. I conclude, marvel, reading his "Autobiography of a century." A Century of mine, an imaginary autobiography, in its deliberate strangeness but sincere, is mine. This Nicole Verschoore seventh book illustrates in a minor, no less, this "tense calm" which tells Rene Char. Blending genres with a very personal address, it gives us a book called novel, reading comforted me. The reader will sometimes hear muffled echoes of prolonged or complete novels of Nicole Verschoore (the "Master of the town" to "Passion and men"), sometimes the resonances of his scholarly works published in both French Netherlands, during a long and quiet career in the service of collective memory. This "Autobiography of a Century" presents like a kaleidoscope revealing reminders of light at different levels. Nicole Verschoore cleverly calculates the vibrations, echoes, orders and reminders, amalgamating various prose whose genealogy is fascinating: autobiographical fragments or autofictional, critical considerations on the political or international finance, put in abyss, fragments of what had able to assert itself as a novel in letters
...". (Thanks to Mr Jespers giving me permission to resume his account)

PS By clicking below on "Verschoore Nicole", you find my other articles on this author.

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Baixar Gratis Hdloade Para Ps2

Sky Doll - Dolls Pietà

Miyou Bravo, who won the little game on Friday! The correct answer was "In Nomine agapae "...! Others have also found after you have sharp eyes, congratulations! ;)

Congrads to Miyou, Who won Friday's game! The right answer Was "In Nomine agapae "...! SEVERAL people found The Right answer Afterwards, you guys Have sharp eyes! ;)

So, as promised, a little explanation about my latest drawing ...!

So, as advertised, a little explanation on my latest artwork ...!

Some have already noticed a number of references to classical religious paintings, with, among others, the halos, the thorny crown of flowers, the tattoo place and a wound in the side ...
In fact, this design refers to a classic figure of religious art, the Pietà. These are scenes where the Virgin holds in her arms the tortured body of Christ (yes, we did in the gay today!). The most famous is the statue of Michelangelo ...

Some of You Have Already mentionned SEVERAL references to classical Religious paintings: the golden orbs, The Crown of Thorns, The tattoo is Agape's side looking like a wound ...
Actually, this drawing Is A reference to a classical figure of Religious Art, The Pieta. It's a representation of the Virgin holding the Christ in Her Arms's body (yeah, how light-hearted, I know ...!). One Is The Most Famous Michael Angelo's statue ...

My preference, that being said, go to the Greco's Pietà, extremely modern for its time ...

My personal favorite El Greco's Pietà IS, very modern for His Time ...

was, of course, a reference to the fact that Sky Doll gleefully parodies the Catholic faith and inspired too much of the aesthetics of religious art ... blink of an eye in the blink of an eye?
It was likely to make this bet, anyway! ;)

It Was, Obviously, a reference to The Fact That Sky Doll Is parodying Catholic religion with Success am and is Inspired by The Aesthetic of Religious Art ... Kind of a wink to a wink?
We Were a lot to make artwork Religious Inspired by art, anyway! ;)

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"The Winter Journey" (Amélie Nothomb)

Aged about forty years, Zoilus explains why he will hijack a plane from Roissy and crash on the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is in the form of A as Astrolabe, the woman he loves. Zoilus but could not fully live her love for Astrolabe is caring day and night of the novelist Eleanor autistic Molez he was unable to get rid of.

Among the five books of Amelie Nothomb I have already read, I loved both novels autobiographical "Fear and Trembling" and "Neither Eve nor Adam" taking place in Japan, I ' I hated the murky "Hygiene de l'assassin" And I liked "The Catiline Orations" and "The Winter Journey" but they did not score and did not give me the urge to reread them.

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celestial little game!

Here finally unveiled ... my drawing for the exhibition Sky Doll!

It Is Here At Last ... My artwork for the Sky Doll group show!

Click to enlarge / / Click to enlarge

Remember the opening of the exhibition held tomorrow, Saturday, November 13 from 19h! : D

Do not Forget The opening party tomorrow November 13th, starting at 7pm! : D

I'll tell you more about the origin of this drawing in a future post ... but right now right now ...
It's time for a nice game!

As a careful examination of the drawing will show you, there graffiti on the wall behind the head of Noa. The first person who will give me the exact text of graffiti commenting on this blog win a kiss, my eternal admiration, and a numbered edition and signed my Sleeping Beauty !
Remember to leave an e-mail where I can contact you! :)

Obviously this will be much easier for people who come to the expo tomorrow to see the drawing in real life ...!

I will tell you more about The Origins of This Picture In Another update ... but right now ...
It's game time!

As A Careful examination of The Picture Will Show You, There Is a graffiti on the wall just behind Noa's head. The first person to give me the exact text of the graffiti in a comment on this blog will win a hug, my eternal admiration, and a signed and numbered print of my Sleeping Beauty !

Don't forget to leave a valid e-mail address for me contact you if you win! :)

Obviously this is going to be a lot easier for people who will come to the show tomorrow...!

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Is Diana Zubiri Pregnant?

Sky Doll Expo in Paris

Hop ! Un petit update en forme de teaser...!

And here is a little update with a teaser inside...!

Un small outline of my drawing that will be exposed from Saturday at the Gallery Nana in Paris as part of the exhibition Sky Doll from 13/11 to 24/12! A collective exhibition in honor of the beautiful and comic Barbucci Canepa ... with lots of people who rip the pencil! Some names to entice you: Kei Acedera, Lilidoll, Benjamin Lacombe, Tony Sandoval, Clement Lefevre, Ciou ...!
The opening is Saturday, November 13 from 19h, and I hope to see you there! ;)

I'll show you the entire picture Friday night, just before the show (she is much bigger than it actually).

A little peep at my artwork that will be shown at Gallery Nana in Paris for the Sky Doll group show, starting this Saturday and ending on December 24th ! A gorgeous group show paying tribute to the comic book by Barbucci and Canepa... where you will see the works of amazing artists such as Kei Acedera, Lilidoll, Benjamin Lacombe, Tony Sandoval, Clément Lefévre, Ciou, just to name a few !
The opening party is on November 13th, starting at 7pm, do come and join us ! ;)

I will show you the complete picture on Friday evening (it's much larger than this preview, actually).

Signs Of Gallbladder Attack Vs Flu

"Thresholds Loire (Colette Nys-Mazure)

Born in 1939 in Wavre, Colette Nys-Mazure lives along the Scheldt in Tournai (Belgium). She holds an MA in modern literature at the Catholic University of Louvain. Long French teacher, she continues to lead writing workshops and reading. His first published in 1975. If poetry is his favorite area, she also writes drama, stories, essays and books for youth.

Colette wrote this book of 141 pages as part of a residence of a poet who ran in 2002 for two months at the Centre Municipal de Rochefort-sur-Loire. During his first visit, an icy wind inspires this thought: "How not to feel in a country known since I found the air of us? There, as here, the weather vane turns more willingly than the range it beats the wing.

Moulin Géant, which houses the residence of poet, reminds him of his great-grandfather was a miller who Desmet Augustine in Tournai. Its Moulin de l'Agache (a magpie in Tournai) built in 1808 had been destroyed by the Germans in October 1918. Augustine died in 72 years in 1921, but his daughters (including Harriet, the grandmother of the author) Colette told many stories about him.

Moulin Géant Rochefort-sur-Loire as it evokes the mills Froyennes, Villeneuve d'Ascq, Damme or Kain. References are common in Tournai: "My territory is split by the Scheldt, powerful and unassuming. Nothing to do with the Rhone, the Loire or the Moldau, but my river and I regularly attends, supporting badly the disdainful of some tourists, eager to look, unable to contemplate ".

Colette praised correspondence and writing: "How many people can they go without writing? Ignore the emotion they found letters that say be gone, still vibrating under your fingers, eyes?". After his residency as a poet, she concludes: "These people crossed and these places are surveyed in me does not disfigure vandal. Writing as a witness, legatee. Memory setter. In the wake of the great men poets' m preceded by: the band Cadou Pierre Garnier, Pascal Commère, Thierry Renard, and already the perspective of those who follow me, I am steeped in a country. " Not being

a great lover of poetry, it is mostly comments and reflections of Colette Nys-Mazure that interested me. They taught me more about this great lady that I admire the talent, wisdom and humanism. His love of nature, reading, writing, Tournai and small pleasures of everyday life as reflected in this book.

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Compare Noise Mixer Grinder

Briefly ...

1 Nicolas Ancion New novel: "The man who refused to die" (Editions Dis Voir). It is loosely based on research on aging François Taddei bacteria and transmission of knowledge in nature, from unicellular to humans. It takes up to cons- the work of the researcher and revisits the figure of the mad scientist and sorcerer, the stories of robots and organ trafficking. More information http://ancion.hautetfort.com/

2 ° Micheline Boland has been interviewed by Bob Shop on TV News: www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2EszkaprVs . In September, Florian Houdart had produced a clip very well on his literary career: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlSqlR_-phY

3 Carine Laure Desguin was awarded 3rd prize for poetry Charleroi mutualités Socialists for his poem "The Arrival". She will be signing session Saturday, November 13, 2010 afternoon at the show Turn the page. More information http://carinelauredesguin.over-blog.com/

4 ° Jacques Goyens just released his latest book: "The unfathomable enigma." It is a collection of stories and portraits of women, the fruit of decades of observation. He will autograph session Sunday, November 14, 2010 from 10h to 19h at the show Turn the page. More info on his site www.infoline.be / Jacques

5 Philippe Mathy present his latest book "A boat" (published by Black Grouse) Saturday, November 13, 2010 at 10:30 am in room Turn the page. More info on his site http://users.skynet.be/philippe.mathy

6 Evelyn Wilwerth present his novel "Butterfly mortal" (Luce Wilquin editions) November 3 to November 20 Sabam and the Flower in gold paper in Brussels. One of his poems was included in "Stung worms" (Editions La Renaissance du Livre), a new anthology of poetry based on 300 Belgian favorites Colette Nys-Mazure and Christian Libens. Finally, Evelyn prepares a set of erotic and sensual texts. More info on his site http://users.skynet.be/evelyne.wilwerth

7 Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 18h, the Association of French-speaking Belgian writer (150, floor Wavre in Ixelles) will present "The survivors Sallimoc" Pascale Schyns Lara, "In the ear deep" Marc Dugardin and "John Tordeur: writing table" Marie-Ange Bernard. More information http://www.ecrivainsbelges.be/

8 The 8th Belgian Book Fair will be held on 26, 27 and November 28, 2010 in Uccle (free admission). Jean Van Hamme, Mark Eyskens, Armel Job, Bob Boutique, Alain Berenboom, Corinne Hoex, Jean-Baptiste Baronian Engel and Vincent have already confirmed their presence.