Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Rescue Collection Area North

Created in the early 80's to republish in paperback literary heritage Belgian Francophone become unavailable, the collection area north of 300 titles in its catalog that is explicitly aimed at public school: Georges Simenon, Marie Gevers, Michel de Ghelderode Emile Verhaeren Maurice Maeterlinck, Charles de Coster, Paul Willems, Suzanne Lilar Jacqueline Harpman, Peter Mertens, Gaston Compere, Simon Leys, Jacques Izoard, Emmanuel Francois, Caroline Lamarche, etc.. Despite the constant support of the French community (2 million euros in almost 30 years), the collection area North changed hands several times in recent years: Labor, Labor Literature, Luc Pire, Renaissance du Livre and Sunflower Councils. Sunflowers

Councils, judicial reorganization, wishing to focus primarily on contemporary publishing, the risk was great to see the collection taken up by an editorial group interested in the only profitable securities, which would probably mean the demise of the collection North Area . Also the Minister of Culture in the French Community Fadila Laanan did buy the brand, stock, rights and contracts with the authors of the North Area Community French. An operator will be appointed soon to revive the series, reprint-print titles, its promotion in schools and study its digital broadcasting. North Area will be now protected from economic vagaries of publishing houses, and one can only rejoice!


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