Monday, October 25, 2010

Willa Struśińska Tarnów

Interview with Ape on the Moon T-shirts

was brighter note after yesterday's blog note ... Here Is A
very lovely interview by Katherine Ape Blog From The illustration on the Moon! ;)

On a lighter note after note of yesterday ... A nice interview
illustrations by Katherine's Blog Ape on the Moon! ;)

Worms Used In Yoghurts

Interview by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

To mark the release of his new book "When I think that Beethoven died when so many idiots live ..." (Albin Michel), the Belgian writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt confided to journalist Didier Debroux:

"Beethoven is the man for man?
- Mozart is the emergence of grace. Inexplicable. Conversely, Beethoven sought in the human spark that upsets us. He denies the inevitability and pushes the man to forge humanity.
- Is it close to Erasmus, who said: "Man is not born, it becomes"?
- It does not deal with God, but he preaches a spiritual conversion. His music has a design life that is not illusory. must transcend to escape pain, into joy and in a relationship in full harmony with nature and events.
- His music is not it a combination of tragedy and optimism?
- This is where I identify with him. Although our lives are fleeting, Beethoven magnifies the meaning of life. It shows the path of heroism.
- Is not it a bit exhausting?
- While it is sound, dense, agitated, loud. He never leaves us in peace. Admittedly, it turns out a fellow hard but so necessary.
- he, the tortured, the tumultuous, he reached the fullness?
- I like to think he fell asleep happy. His last quartet attests. The notes celebrate the accomplishment, existential, moral and spiritual.
- And you?
- Happiness is not to deviate from the pain but to embrace life. Wisdom means accepting life, surrendering, cultivate joy. The road is still long ... "

Sunday, October 24, 2010

How To Make A Swing Bike

[EDIT] I was contacted by the provider of Tiger Giant who printed the shirts. They actually found the drawing on a graphics site stock, and did not know he was not free of duties. They were all made to correct and we are currently developing a compensation agreement. :)

[EDIT] I've Received a phone call from The Who Made The shirts beg for Giant Tiger. Theys got the picture from a stock website graphics and Did not Know It Was Under copyrights. They've Been very understanding, and we're clearing a draft legal agreement. :)

This t-shirt you seem familiar?

Does this shirt feel familiar?

This shirt is currently sold at Giant Tiger, Canada. Obviously, it did not bother to ask my permission ...
I contacted in the coming days, we'll see what it's going to ...!

This IS shirt Currently sold at Giant Tiger in Canada. Without my permission, It Goes Without Saying ...
I'll get in touch With Them In The next couple of days and see What They Say About It ...!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pokemon Soulsilver Ds Rom

The Belgian writer Paul Pourveur

In Belgium, where the playwright Paul bilingual Pourveur seems unique: sometimes he writes in French and in Dutch, as ordering him to come to a theater of the Netherlands , in Flanders and the French community. Born in Antwerp in 1952, her parents speak French and he completed his studies in Dutch. After his school, he sailed from Antwerp to register for the Graduate School of Cinema in Brussels Dutch. He then worked as an editor for film and television. His first songs were screenplays and scripts for documentaries. He proposes to write plays in Dutch (from 1985) and French (from 1989). Pourveur but Paul does not translate itself, he sees just the translations, whether from Dutch to French or vice versa. He has received awards both north and south.

Pourveur Paul told recently: "I very lucky. I always worked on commission, for both the film as the theater, both in Dutch and French. I did not choose to write in a specific language, I responded to requests. Bilingual forever, I am Belgian, French and Flemish writer writer. I never write like a real French or Flemish as true. It will always be in between. With influences from both languages, I think. I never felt a sense of belonging to a specific language. I am like a tourist within languages. Respectful and disrespectful to one side or the other. It is a mixture of both cultures. What gives me more freedom, although often it is close to grammatical errors. But you have to play with language ".

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ontario Drivers License Renewal

Skydoll Giant Tiger, the return of the son of vengeance ...

soon on your screens ...

Airing soon ...

I was invited to participate in the expo Skydoll Tribute to be held at The Gallery in Paris ... Opening on November 13 more info and my picture ended up very soon!

I've been Invited to Join the Skydoll Tribute group show at The Gallery in Paris ... Opening Party Is On November 13th, stay tuned for more info & the final version of my artwork!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pic Of Bad Case Of Strep Throat

All municipalities in your MRC offer a wide variety of activities. To view the various activities available to residents of the MRC, you can view the following document :

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Só Lésbicas Nuas

News Young Belgian author Antoine Wauters

Born in Liege in 1981, Antoine Wauters is a philosopher by training, co-editor of" Language Cheers "and screenwriter. Prizewinner Pyramids 2008, the same year he received the Award Polak of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature in Belgium. He has already published "Bones" (Black Grouse), "The mouth of four" (The Coudrier) and "Standing on the tongue" (Maelstrom).

Co-written with Ben Ares, his book "Ali if you want" just released in France by Cheyne Editor in Green Collection ( ). It is a poetic narrative Malagasy ground. For months, Anthony has several projects underway narrative (a story, a novel, a play) and two films co-written with director Antoine Cuypers, produced by Between Dogs and Wolves (who mainly produces "The barons "). His next book, "Cesarini", published in late 2011 Cheyne Publisher.

I suggest you see and hear Antony read his text "Standing on the language"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Camowedding Invitation

Agenda of our authors in October 2010

October 10 at 11am: comparative reading of Stefan Brijs and Liliane Wouters in the Marathon des Mots Brussels (at Passa Porta, Dansaertstraat 46).

From October 13 to 17: The Wrath of Reading is an awareness campaign to books and reading since 1991 organized by the General Department of Arts of the French community. Hundreds of activities are organized. More information

October 14, 2030: literary lunch with Yvon Toussaint Aquilone in Liege. More information

15 and October 16: 25th Anniversary In the house of poetry and the French language in Namur. More information

16 and October 17: 3rd edition of the Book Fair in Liege Policy. More information

October 21: As part of Thursdays Reading, presentation of an anthology of poetry Belgian yesterday and today at the Palace Fine Arts (12.30 to 13.30).

October 24 at 10am: Meeting with Beatrice Libert to the library of Amay.

12, 19 and 26 October: Noon conferences of Poetry in the main auditorium of the Royal Museums Beaux-Arts in Brussels (from 12:40 to 13:30). More information

October 28 at 19:30: Meeting with Beatrice Libert at the Library of Ham-sur-Heure.

October 28 to 18: Interview with Nadine Monfils at the library Chiroux Liege.

All these information are from the bimonthly magazine "The Book and Moments" that you can receive free of charge upon request from the Department of Arts of the French community.