Friday, August 31, 2007

Cr2025 Batterieswalmart

: No no I'm not dead .... ::

Store whips, I am alive and well. Well okay it's been super long since I posted anything, I agree, and I apologize in a loud voice ... But now, I am giving some life to this blog. Always a big thank you to the brave who despite the lack of news to persist come take a look regularly. Then promised, I will no longer wait four months to repost something.

I give you back as a search by character, still on the project area with Nicolas Burelout the scenario, not the edited version of Bixente, which is underway, but an important figure in the History

;-) Thanks to all those who leave me their opinion, it's nice to see that the job please! Besides this news I need you ... I'm full of doubt about the style colorization to adapt in relation to my line, so I'm doing two versions, one that I find most relevant is finalized with layout and description for the second it is already well begun to realize .. So give me your opinion so I know if I go on the right path ... Thank you

That now, thank you all soon!
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