Monday, February 14, 2011

How To Masterate A Women

About No. 11

cuckoo boys & girls !!!!!!!

C "is under the influence of champagne (BEH yes, it's Valentine c'soir !!!!!); that I write, MDRRRRRRRRRRRR! Happy Valentine to all those who love each other! !!!!!! to all types of love indeed!

that falls well the topic is quite festive and glamorous:

"And if you were. ... + all the beautiful dresses?? "

It's time to talk about the fashion victim who is in you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have until March 13, noon
your sheave, reputation of your username and accompanied your transcribed text in your email (if you have one text). Do not forget to tell me the name of your blog.

Here's what the subject has inspired the TP:

We start


its journaling:
'dresses, it's really not my thing!
the princess dresses that I'm not dreaming.
So if I was to be the most beautiful dresses, I'd be without
doubt that one day,
My Wedding Dress "



My journaling:
"The dress of my dreams would look like a rose, it would be full of frou frou-and lightness. It would be romantic, ultra feminine and a bit rock and roll. "

***************** *******


His journaling:

"My best dress of the summer 2010. Not only is it convenient, comfortable but above She has intense color and vivid that embody the joy that dwells in me and my outlook on life, that is to say colorful! "





Pati tell you his impressions:
"There's no journaling or title, but here's what I want to say: If I were a dress, I'd always held a fairy, airy, ethereal, with lightweight fabrics shimmering magic, there would be flowers, precious stones, a touch of pink or purple maybe ... If I was that dress, I'd be fine with wings accompanied by drawings graceful, a headdress of flowers and I would leave in my wake trails of fairy dust. "

** *********************

Go now! Have fun, and if you were the best tonight? ?

We await your pages (or other) eagerly .....

Big kisses

Bérangère / Chiknana and all DT


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