Friday, March 9, 2007

The Sims Create A Campus

:: The Project Area:

Good to inaugurate the blog, I'll post a drawing fresh finish. To explain in two words, I'm working on a project with Nicolas BD Burelout the script, so there should be a lot of news about this topic on this blog.

Here is the second crop of heroes, Bixente Etcheverry Basque young soldier. We will have change quite a bit following the writer's remarks.

Jprofiler With Tomcat

:: Opening of my Blog::

There you have it, the official opening of my blog.
Great moment of narcissism and egocentrism and yes, it will surprise you much, but this blog is about me and my drawings.

Good in short, I will "try" to add posts as regularly as possible, to give you an overview of my current and future work. Of course, any comments, criticisms and comments are welcome and indeed strongly desired. I also accept, willingly, while screaming fan hysteria and other declarations of love ... ^ ^

To conclude, if you like this blog and you feel like to promote it, talk to the right and left. I have more visits and comments I am more motivated to post.

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