Monday, January 10, 2011

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Bonjour à tous !
Et tout d'abord... une très happy new year 2011!
I want it to be joyous, surprising and a bit dippy and full of creativity!

Hello everyone! First and foremost ...
I wish you a very very happy 2011!
May it be joyful, Surprising, a little bit crazy and definitely creative!

My resolution for 2011 (yes, I took one) is to feed ever more new content in this blog, especially with short videos showing you how I work. Here is a first test I did to test my editing software (not super successful, but the next will be better, I promise)! By moving sur la bande, vous pouvez voir comment je travaille la couleur et les ombres pendant ces 6 minutes et quelques. J'espère que ça vous plaît...! :)

My good resolution for 2011 (yes, I made one) is to update this blog more frequently, especially with short videos to show you how I work. Here is a first attempt I made to test my movie software (not the best video ever but the next one will be better, I swear) ! By going back and forth, you can see how I'm working the colours and shadows out during those 6 minutes or so. I hope you like it...! :)

Work in Progress I from Kmye Chan Vimeo is .


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