Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Tom Lanoye finally translated into French

So he knows a lot of success since the 80s, the Dutch writer and playwright Tom Lanoye (born in Sint-Niklaas in 1958) had never been translated into French. Now it is done: "Sprakeloos" (80,000 copies sold in Flanders and the Netherlands) was translated into French by Alain van Crugten and became "The language of my mother" (Editions La Difference). The presentation has to have occurred in the presence of Jacques De Decker, the permanent secretary of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium, which shows the importance of the event.

In "The language of my mother," Tom Lanoye wanted to express in words his modesty to speak of his mother and the terrible stroke which rendered aphasic and slid into dementia, she lived only by words and was the theater. The suffering of the mother and his entourage, his death is told with a raw truth but also a lot of modesty, love and emotion.

Lanoye Tom told the press: "The translation is very touching, because the story of a mother with aphasia is a universal story that can touch everyone. We do not know beyond the language border. When the KVS, Josse de Pauw trying to cross, they do it alone, without political support. I hope my other novels can now be translated in turn. What happens to me is like winning the lottery, a lucky coincidence, because on the bottom, things are not moving and I do not break the agreement between cultural communities. Flemings I ask, for example, to take account of their great writers, even if they have written in French, as Maeterlinck, Rodenbach and Verhaeren, and stop whining about the status of their language when we play today in Dutch at the Avignon Festival and with great success! And I ask the French to break their idea of a monolithic Flanders. There are, of course, a wing who wants revenge isolated worldwide and threatens us with a cultural catastrophe. Movements like that found in other countries in response to globalization. But there is another wing, opened the world who does not want to Belgium, as this would automatically mean the loss of Brussels.


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