Friday, May 7, 2010

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our interview with Mayor CIHO - 2010-05-06

Article published on the website radio station CIHO: The municipality of St-Urbain recorded a surplus of $ 42 000 during fiscal year 2009. The consolidated financial statements have been tabled at the meeting Monday. "The surplus represents 3.3% of the budget of $ 1,251,000. It is the postponement of the commencement of payment of the invoice from the tunnel project under the cycling road 138, which explains the surplus" said Mayor Claudette Simard. The debt load of taxpayers increased by $ 200 000 and totaled $ 1,463,000. "This is a small increase given the investments made in 2009," said Claudette Simard . "It was $ 800 000 investment, so it's as minimal increase" believes the mayor. "We put money into the industrial park or for the rehabilitation of roads as Rang Saint-Jean-Baptiste or rank St. Jerome, "she said . (Note - It should be noted here that the amount added to the debt largely self-financing, especially in regard to debt-related industrial park is repaid from land sales and tax revenues that it generates.) Moreover, we confirmed the sale of a new ground in [the] industrial park. There are only 5 or 6 available on the dozen [of land] constructed the first two phases. "We have applications for land purchases that remain. It hopes to sell by the end of 2010. In addition, construction of buildings the first phase will begin this spring to several owners, which will bring additional revenue "said Claudette Simard . " It is too early to launch a phase 3 " said the mayor. Meanwhile, we wish to use money to invest in landscaping the park. (Source: 2010-05-06)