Monday, January 31, 2011

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Montreal Expo Pin Ups

Hello everyone!
Just a short post to announce my next group show at The Gallery in Montreal!
I'll try to film the full realization of my drawings for this exhibition, to show you behind the scenes ...!

Hello everyone!
Just a little message to tell you about my next show at The Gallery in Montreal, Canada!
I Will try to record my Entire Process "during the making of this artwork, in order to show you ... The Backstage!

After his first successful exhibition "Tribute Skydoll" The Montreal-Paris Gallery presents a major new exhibition! The theme this time: The Pin-Up !
More than sixty artists all more talented than the others engage with delight at the performance of their way to make the feminine curves, with an inspiration vintage (20s to 60), term fashionable these days, like the resurgence of garter belt and Burlesque!
Ambassador of the exhibition: Maly Siri itself designer pin-ups, among others. It must be said that the list of guest artists dream: you can see (and / or acquire) the originals of incredibly talented artists like Juanjo Guarnido, Cameron Stewart, Olivier Vatine Dean Yeagle, Philippe Berthet, Carlos Nine, John Mulatier, Arthur de Pins, Nathalie Rattner, and so many more!
An exhibition that was decidedly not wait to see in March at the Grand Burlesque Show avantpremière Scarlett James in Montreal!

Expo will continue in Paris from April 28 to May 12 puis à nouveau à Montréal, dans les locaux de La Gallery, du 21 mai au 4 juin.

Right after its first successful collective exhibition "Skydoll Tribute", La Gallery Montreal-Paris presents a brand new great exhibition ! This time, the theme is: Pin-Up Girls !
More than 60 designers, from illustration, comics, and animation, will draw delightfully their interpretation of the feminine curves, in a "vintage" inspiration (from 20s to 60s), a trendy term these days, as much as the revival of suspenders and BURLESQUE !
The exhibition's ambassadress: Maly Siri , pin-up artist herself, among other things. We must say that the authors list is quite impressive ! At the Grand Burlesque Show, you will admire and/or acquire original artworks by incredibly talented and famous artists such Juanjo Guarnido, Cameron Stewart, Olivier Vatine, Dean Yeagle, Philippe Berthet, Carlos Nine, Nathalie Rattner, Arthur de Pins, and many many others !
An exhibition we are impatient to discover at Scarlett James' Grand Burlesque Show in Montreal !

The show will go on in Paris, from April 28th to May 12th, and back to Montreal, from May 21th to June 4rth !


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