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Small Cabins On Wheels

Contents of 2009 and 2010

Belgian authors to whom I dedicated sections in 2009 and 2010 (in alphabetical order): Nicolas

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Video Interview BSC News

Hello everyone, and happy holiday season!

Hello everyone, I wish you a merry Christmas (or whatever you're Celebrating These Days) and a happy New Year!

I apologize for this very flat and a half months without an update ... At the same time I promise that I had a good excuse: many things happened in my little life, but as this blog is not the 3615 Malifa, I will not dwell on the details ... Just know that I moved into a new apartment, where I'll be able m'aménager un coin atelier (ô joie ! - enfin quand j'aurai dégagé le bureau de la pile de cartons qui l'encombre pour l'instant).

I apologize deeply for the sudden quietness on this blog... On the other hand I promise I had good reasons: many things happened in that little life of mine, although this blog is not the place to discuss them! Suffice to say that I moved to a new flat, and I will probably have some space to have my own little art studio-corner (may the Great Flying Spaghetti bless it! - well, as soon as I will have unearthed the desk from the pile of boxes that crowd it at the moment).

Pour ce qui est des nouvelles, j'ai été interviewée pour le numéro cultural magazine's December BSC News: You can read the interview online here
BSC News Magazine

In other news, I've Had an interview for the latest outcome of a French cultural magazine, BSC News, Which You Can read here If You Can read French!

On this occasion, I made an illustration with 4 hands with artist and writer Jean-Sebastien Bordas. A nice experience, and a nice meeting with a very nice artist! It was actually very funny (although a bit difficult) to marry our respective worlds and styles that are usually quite distant ! Je vous mets notre chef-d'oeuvre ci-dessous.

(JS je prends les chèques et le liquide mais pas les cartes de crédit hein !)

For the interview, I was asked to create an illustration four-handed with Jean-Sébastien Bordas, a French comic artist and writer. It was a great experience, and I was very happy to meet Jean-Sébastien ! It was really fun (although a bit tough) to mix both our styles and universes since our works are usually quite different! I'm showing you our masterpiece down there.

© JS Bordas / Kmye Chan - 2010

Cliquez pour agrandir // Click to enlarge

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Should Lasagna Be Covered When Baking?

Death of Alain le Bussy

Born Esneux (near Liège) In 1947, Alain le Bussy conducts university studies in political and social, during which he published some news in the journal literature of the circle of the ULG. But something clicked done in 1970 while participating in the first international convention of science fiction held on European soil, in Heidelberg. In 1976, with other enthusiasts, he organized the first international convention Liege science fiction on Belgian soil. He started writing in the late 80s. In 1992, Black River Editions published his first novel "Deltas", part of a planet opera that tells the sinking of an expedition landed on a distant planet. This book won the Prix Rosny elder 1993 at the international convention of science fiction Orleans. In eighteen years (1992 to 2010), Alain le Bussy has published over thirty novels and written over two hundred stories, some of which have been included in anthologies. But outside the circles of science fiction, yet he was misunderstood: in terms of dissemination, his novels have suffered from rapid turnover of Black River editions (which no longer exist today) and have long been difficult to find. Good news: The small French publisher Eons ( ) has reissued all novels Alain left the Black River and you can even download them as e-books. Alain le Bussy died Oct. 15 at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire du Sart-Tilman and buried in the cemetery of Esneux.

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Lots Of Ewcm Period Late

News Edmee De Xhavée

News from the Belgian author Edmee De Xhavée (born in Verviers in 1948) is a promotional video directed by Florian Houdart: / user / EditionsChloeDesLys # p / a / u/1/5bb4r3L6_IE . Edmee has two beautiful projects for the year 2011: his return to Belgium and the release of her second novel, "On the other side of the river, Sibylla" (published by Chloé des Lys). Clicking below on "De Xhavée Edmee," I invite you to (re) read the articles that I had spent in 2009 with the release of her first novel "The Romanies.

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Wrote Cover Letter Clothing Store

Price Caroline Rossel 2010

Caroline De Mulder won the Prix Rossel 2010 (the most prestigious literary prize in French-speaking Belgium) for his first novel, "Ego Tango." Born in 1976 in Ghent, she grew up in the region of Mouscron, before living in Paris today while teaching at the University of Namur. More information

Caroline De Mulder was assigned to the group's daily Sud Presse: "Actually, I was not expecting it, because Other nominees were experienced authors. So I was very surprised by the phone call that told me I had won the Prix Rossel. I had to jump into the first train to Brussels, and I myself am wearing! "Ego Tango", three stories into one. A story about the tango. My heroine appropriates his body through the tango. I describe the places related to tango. The second is a story about addiction. The heroine becomes addicted to this dance. And the third is a detective story: a dancer disappears and this little tango world is shattered. Long ago as I write. Moreover, Mr. Andrew, my teacher from primary to sixth Collège Sainte-Marie de Mouscron, called my father when he learned that I had won the award for him that I had won a writing contest when I was little. I do not remember ... But above all I began to write regularly from 13-14 years.