Friday, March 21, 2008

Bilingual Wedding Ceremony Programs

: Allu Children:

Youhou, some news, it makes a year that this blog exists, so for once I gave him a little makeover;) A new banner with a new look big.

Because one day I will be muscular, because one day I will be bling bling, because one day I can tell it to me because I'm a star, there was a banner bah accordingly!

So, I'm going to thank all the people coming through, almost 13,000, you're quite the big rendezvous is rather missing posts ... But thank you all.

worse since I have not much to show you or the little things that do not show, well I'll put a little WIP of the banner. Because not exaggerate huh.

But good, I'm currently work on a page coughed coughed so much motivation, so be patient)

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