Monday, January 3, 2011

American Preparation H Wrap

Our authors Theatre in January 2011

for your diaries. Here are some plays written by Belgian authors :

1 ° "Chronicles of an exhausted city" Fabrice Murgia. She is young and alone every night in front of his computer screen. What a dream continues its avatar in the pixilated universe of "Second Life"? Whether it leaking reinventing themselves elsewhere? Heroin copy of the ultra-modern loneliness, silent character invented by Fabrice Murgia we swung through a sophisticated stage, into the abyss of contemporary virtual worlds, a country of dreams and hearts wonders for tired, thirsty for happiness. From January 28 to 30 in the Festival of Liège ( )

2 "Fuels" Amelie Nothomb. In a city under siege in the heart of winter, a single fuel helps to fight against the cold: books. Dilemma for a literature professor, his assistant and a student: what book is it really that he sacrificed a moment of physical warmth? Until January 22 The Public Theater ( )

3 "Biography of Hunger by Amélie Nothomb. The Young Amelie Nothomb, make travel and culture shock, told through the prism of hunger: the hunger for not only food but also an appetite for love, books and writing. From January 11 to 14 at Eden in Charleroi ( )

4 ° "Cinderella, macho!" Sébastien Ministru. What if Cinderella was a man? Considering that Prince Charming is one too, you get the first gay Cinderella. With, the key, some questions not so innocent as that. What will it be a day when the crown prince will come out? And when the prince will ascend the throne, how do we will call her husband a kidney? Until January 8 at the Théâtre de la Toison d'Or ( )

5 "Terminal Ballistics" by Coline Struyf. The purpose of terminal ballistics is calculated the precise parameters of the impact of projectiles. Indifferent to the motive for the crime, she observes trajectories and collapse, and damage resistance of targets. After months of investigation in this universe strangely specialized Coline Struyf transforms his diary text for the stage, a prose poem for two actresses mixing speech and movement. The 22 and 23 January as part of the Festival of Liège ( ) and 24 and Jan. 25 at the National Theatre ( ).

6 ° "Stib, following paths marked sub-human" Genevieve Damascus. Magda has been living in Brussels Eva just got there. A force to rub each morning on the tram, they end up talking and build relationships. January 13 at the Cultural Center of the Scailmont Manage ( ) and Jan. 15 at the Cultural Center of Evere ( ).

7 "Made in China" Thierry Debroux. Following the acquisition and relocation of their company by a Chinese group, three French managers are coached by a human resources manager responsible for assessing their potential. In a tragicomic atmosphere, the three men are to exploit compromising their integrity. Suspicion, competition, fears manipulations and successive scheduled over a story full of twists. January 28 at the Cultural Center of Sambreville ( ).

8 "Outside the Law" Regis Duqué. It is a western written for the theater. There is a good, bad, a provocative teacher, a pretty damn naive and a virgin. But is there going to be guns? Scrawny bushes crossing Main Street in stock under a scorching wind and sanded? Blue eyes in all dirty mouths, furrowed by the rotgut? Until January 8 at Atelier 210 ( ).

All these information are from the bimonthly magazine "The Book and Moments" that you can receive free on request from the Department of Promotion of Letters of the French community of Belgium. Here


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