Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Does Total Bili Mean

News of the Belgian author Evelyne Wilwerth

Evelyne Wilwerth will be this week at the Book Fair in Brussels on 19 and 20 March at the Salon du Livre in Paris, and April 30 to 17h at the store Maelstrom (1040 Brussels). The author Versailles Nicole wrote on his blog on account of the book "Deadly Butterfly" by Evelyne Wilwerth:

"It is the author's humor, which occurs unexpectedly and makes the reader smile. The character evolves in this brutal world and doing well often pirouettes, which, given the discomfort and danger of his situation, knows the real courage. And at the same time, an emotion which over inner journey of the heroine, has stirred the reader that I am. But it is a growing feeling that connects us about love, life, in human relations if sometimes marred by lack of dialogue ... And at the same time, a suspense that compels us to literally turn the next page for the events. A novel I left to regret when I had finished. And at the same time, I love writing, sensitive, sensory, sometimes very sensual ... very nice in any case ... at times very poetic. This is a novel that is really worth ... I found it beautiful, a true hymn to femininity, to life. "


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