Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


:: Yeah right, a few tips::

Good Ben finally, I had not completely wrong, I waited four months for not posting. Ok, I'm not far, but due to the constant remarks of some people, well I'll put a little something, eh.

Good for once I kind of mitigating circumstances, little problems, most moving work, that's not necessarily mix.
So voila, little drawing of the mood before the start, but now it's going better and we will kindly get back to some serious drawing, would be well indeed. Worse

searches for personal area, but it really starts to date, done little more for a while. Go to

soon children, and always thank you to those who come here and leave messages.
there are quite a few of rash also so thank you again!

Feel free to chat as usual;)

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Monday, September 24, 2007

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Grève de la fin de Maya Jribi et Néjib Chebbi en Vidéo

[In Tunisia, use: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]

Since Dailymotion has been censored by the authorities our internet ( "أنتر - ناتنا" ) I wanted to share this video with readers in Tunisia and those abroad who have not seen it.

The event has been postponed by some bloggers: COS-SORE-POLIS , Diana , Mouwaten (I've probably forgotten). 4 comments on these 3 posts. I do not blame anybody. But it reminds me of a scene: it's like you're in your car, you see an accident, you're curious, you get to see, and you see the death of a passenger , you see his body on the floor, you are silent, you say nothing, you have nothing to say, there nothing to say you're sorry, but you can not do anything, it is his destiny. This is how we govern in all posts that talk about our freedom. We vote on tn-blogs which for me is a space of freedom to whom I wish a long life on our territory and it is not captured in output hunting. It is already a step.

I commend anyone who speaks freely, who dares to denounce everything that can regress Tunisia we leave to our children. Cheers for the constructive discussion.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Kates Playground Rapidsahre

hero as opposed Hachtnac

[In Tunisia, use: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]
باللاه شوفو

The Movement of Socialist Democrats (MDS) held Thursday night, a Ramadan lecture on "safeguard the Arab language of the Koran."

Ismail Boulahya, secretary general of the party [...] welcomed the interest that President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali grants since the change in the Arabic language noting that the Head of State made his official speeches in international forums in Arabic confirming the pride of belonging to the Arab-Muslim identity.

Secretary General of MDS recalled in this context, the initiatives of the Head of State in connection with the Arabization of the administration and the selection of Kairouan Islamic capital in 2009.


بربي Bdlolo soar, bunker Botablp Ismail, Bobandir, Bodrbokp,
Luigi everything was Boulahya.
opposition Zni. Ashe does not bash my mouth.
what Hachtnac opposition. Our hero. What Nahbuc Ntqdmo. Let Mpelain Clekina beaten with his stick and humiliation.
our hero, much needed democracy and Izina without Tmnieck.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Funky Hair Highlighting

opponents Tunisians announce hunger strike

[De la Tunisie, utilisez: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]
La majorité des tunisiens sont en infractions tolérées tant qu'on ne dérange pas. Le but? Avoir la possibilité d'agir "légalement" dès qu'on commence à déranger. On n'est pas tous égaux devant la loi.

Liberté d'expression? N'en parlons même pas.

Kiedian began in the "Democratic Progressive Party," the Tunisian opposition Thursday open-ended strike On hunger strike to protest pressure by saying that the party faces and claim freedom of expression and assembly in Tunisia.

Almdharban two hundred and follicular party president, Ahmed Najib Chebbi, editor of the newspaper "The situation is" speaking in his name.

said two militants in the area of human rights during a press conference Akdah inside the headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party, "The Headquarters Hired by the party for more than 13 years and was always the headquarters of the newspaper situation is threatened with closure on charges of exploitation of what is prepared for him ".

An official source said Tunisia" was a matter of dispute Civilian property between the owner and the justification, "stressing that" the judiciary alone eligible for consideration of such disputes ".


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Youtube censuré en Turquie

[De la Tunisie, utilisez: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]
Après Dailymotion Tunisia is Youtube is censored in Turkey . The reason is almost the same. These are disturbing videos . The difference? In Turkey it is a court order. Ours is an action of some applying decisions superman or are willing to anticipate.

Source Image

Chemicals In Soap That Affect Plant Growth

Des vidéos qui dérangent

[In Tunisia, use: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]
These are videos that are most likely behind the censorship of Dailymotion in Tunisia.

Why I publish on my blog? Because they do not carry dangerous messages. They represent the thinking of very low a vast majority of Tunisians. And most importantly, that it is unnecessary to censor a site once it has content that does not like.

I said, I do not agree with everything than try to promote the "makers" of these videos. As the content of this video is not dangerous, I would put it on my blog and readers are not fooled.

Phoenix Forums Nadine Jansen

Abnoudi: I'm a joke miller

[De la Tunisie, utilisez: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]
frein Kill what Taatkelmc Hecp before the Tunisians, Rahm Albesqp sing

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Men With Hairy Genitals

Blague Tunisienne

[De la Tunisie, utilisez: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/ ]
day the teacher similar to visit Fjaip ...
Qrplo citizen and Galo: Mr. President Aoni Brass Tunisia.
Galo: Henwp like
Galo: License pleasures limo
President of the House adviser Mtaao and Galo: Oattiyeyeih license pleasures limo
citizen: Yahyaaaaaaaa Aliyeye Ben, Ben Aliyeye 2009
President laughed and similar to before. Few Qrplo other citizen and Galo: I Aoni Zadeh and love the pleasures of Taksifun license.
House adviser Mtaao and Galo: Oattiyeyeih license Taksifun pleasures.
Gah, another citizen, and Galo: Wazwaz love cows bash working farming
House adviser Mtaao and Galo: Oattiyeyeih four cows
Gah another citizen and Galo: We love House
House adviser Mtaao and Galo: Oattiyeyeih
House had made little, Stales Schaaf footmen sitting beneath a tear strip and Daher was a piper. Mashalo and Galo: Thbshi Anaaonk need?
Galo: Give me .... As e
Daru P. Pauline Ihezwh bash, little teacher Qallahm: Sebouh. And House adviser Mtaao And Galo: Henwp whom I love.
Counsel: how to call Mr. President?
Galo: Oattiyeyeih, Stales to Chrin Henwp bash Eachdhu

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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Tunisia Tunisia Planned to travel from his country to China on board a motorcycle

[De la Tunisie, utilisez: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]
plans Tunisian man from his country to travel to China on board a motorcycle categorically thousands of miles to follow the Olympic Games to be held there in the summer of 2008.
intends to young victor The 25-year-old starting his trip to China in the month of May and will pass through 12 countries with different cultures and customs of the pregnant theme of solidarity between peoples.
The winner has already been Him to a distance of 160 km on foot between his city / Zeramdine / Tunis and to follow the football game between his team and his Moroccan counterpart, and then travel to Egypt on board Ordinary bicycle to watch the team in qualifiers for African Nations Cup in 2006.

Funny Congratulations On Pregnancy Cards

Que veulent les femmes? What do women want?

[De la Tunisie, utilisez: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]
En lisant un post sur Diana MagaZine j'ai eu l'idée de parler encore once the relationship between man and woman.

is a subject that has always been complicated for me. And I do not think the only one in this case. And since my early relationships with the opposite sex, I'm interested in this relationship and I actually helped a few readings.

The conclusion of the post in question is "What Women Want, is giving them a choice." It sounds very simple, and it's true that it is simple, but what's that hard to implement.

In fact this complexity is mainly due to the difference between men and women. For man is he who protects, who leads and who should be recognized for his good choice and especially his good advice. Because he is always willing to give advice especially when his wife did not ask, which is terrible for her and gives him the feeling that it is not understood by her partner. For the woman, she takes care of his family, who knows how to maintain his man, who comforts him and is always listening. Because she needs to talk about her feelings so she imagines that it is the same for her man and she believes that this is not normal that does not speak to him of his worries.

So for the man, a man who leaves the choice to his wife is a man who can not fulfill its role and therefore it is useless. And for a woman, if it leaves him no choice is we do not want to listen.

Moreover, it often happens that the man is disappointed after leaving the choice to his wife. In a relationship between men, if someone leaves the choice or request advice from another man and that he is hesitant or unable to help, the first will be disappointed and will avoid repeating the same experience. I think this is not the same among women. Among women they can talk about their worries will leave the choice without necessarily reaching a conclusion or decision of action. Just because that talking to them is just to get rid of certain feelings and relieve themselves. And that's what makes the man and the woman does not understand without knowing their differences and psychological needs. And in particular that is why men do not often leave their choice.

For men: leave the choice to your wives, you can even give the impression that you give the choice even if it is not true. And do not be disappointed if your wife does not have clear idea when you let him choose. Wholesale: Give your wife the opportunity to make choices and when she can not help it.

In women: if you feel that your man leaves you no choice, do not annoy you and rebuke him. Tell him you need to talk to him. And when you can not make your choices, admit that you finally need his help, it's going to flatter you and it was good to talk to him anyway.

Sources of images: 1
; 2

Monday, September 17, 2007

Beautiful Sheet Cake Designs

Help: j'ai besoin d'idées ...

[You can read this post currently http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]
I'll get home in Tunisia, during my next vacation, Canadian friend.

Reading a post Massir I thought to ask readers, so you, me with ideas for fun outings to Tunisia to discover my guest.

So please put your comments and proposals above do not limit yourself to the Capital.

Thanking you in advance.

Image source

Friday, August 31, 2007

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: No no I'm not dead .... ::

Store whips, I am alive and well. Well okay it's been super long since I posted anything, I agree, and I apologize in a loud voice ... But now, I am giving some life to this blog. Always a big thank you to the brave who despite the lack of news to persist come take a look regularly. Then promised, I will no longer wait four months to repost something.

I give you back as a search by character, still on the project area with Nicolas Burelout the scenario, not the edited version of Bixente, which is underway, but an important figure in the History

;-) Thanks to all those who leave me their opinion, it's nice to see that the job please! Besides this news I need you ... I'm full of doubt about the style colorization to adapt in relation to my line, so I'm doing two versions, one that I find most relevant is finalized with layout and description for the second it is already well begun to realize .. So give me your opinion so I know if I go on the right path ... Thank you

That now, thank you all soon!
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Friday, April 27, 2007

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: Pffffiou last news::

Hey, yeah It's been almost two months with no posts, sorry we will try to do better next time. Anyway, thank you to all who come regularly. It's motivating and encouraging. Thank you even more to those who have left comments please.

Since I am currently working the illustration of a book, I put the first research of the main character in history. I worked in color but the final version will be black and white so for fun I put the two ...

soon + +

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Sims Create A Campus

:: The Project Area:

Good to inaugurate the blog, I'll post a drawing fresh finish. To explain in two words, I'm working on a project with Nicolas BD Burelout the script, so there should be a lot of news about this topic on this blog.

Here is the second crop of heroes, Bixente Etcheverry Basque young soldier. We will have change quite a bit following the writer's remarks.

Jprofiler With Tomcat

:: Opening of my Blog::

There you have it, the official opening of my blog.
Great moment of narcissism and egocentrism and yes, it will surprise you much, but this blog is about me and my drawings.

Good in short, I will "try" to add posts as regularly as possible, to give you an overview of my current and future work. Of course, any comments, criticisms and comments are welcome and indeed strongly desired. I also accept, willingly, while screaming fan hysteria and other declarations of love ... ^ ^

To conclude, if you like this blog and you feel like to promote it, talk to the right and left. I have more visits and comments I am more motivated to post.

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