Monday, January 31, 2011

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"Belgians in France" (Jacques Mercier)

Author of thirty books (essays, poems, novels, etc..) writer and host Jacques Mercier was chosen in 2006 to look for Belgians living and / or working in France in all fields. The first chapter is devoted to the decade of tremendous film Belgian

"For ten years, the Belgians are needed in the winners of the Cannes Festival! This is probably the most visible part of the Belgian presence in France. Let a quick overview: two Palmes d'Or brothers Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne. In 1999, they received the Palme for "Rosetta," and in 2005, they receive a second time for "The Child", and four price Interpretation: Pascal Duquenne, who shares the prize with Daniel Auteuil in 1996 for the film "The Eighth Day" by Jaco Van Dormael, Natacha Regnier, with Elodie Bouchez, in 1998 for the film "The Dreamlife of Angels", Emilie Dequenne in 1999 for her role in "Rosetta" and Olivier Gourmet, in 2002 , for his performance in "son" by the Dardenne brothers. To remain in the sphere of the Cannes Festival, one of the finest showcases of international cinema, adding that Cecile de France was a beautiful mistress of ceremonies for the presentation of the Festival of Fins 2005. It should also be mentioned in this movement, this vortex Cannes revealing Benedict Poelvoorde in 1992 in "Man Bites Dog" Remy Belvaux "(p.13). Not to mention Jean-Claude Van Damme, Belgian actor best known worldwide ...

Jacques Mercier then tells the journey of Belgians who succeeded in Paris on television (Christine Ockrent, Olivier Minne, Paul Germain, Maureen Dor, Virginia Efira ...), in the show (Andre Lamy, Frédéric Flamand, the brothers Trowell, Annie Cordy, Salvatore Adamo, Frederick Francis, Maureen McGovern, Axelle Red, but also younger generation represented by Virginia Hocq, dEUS, Jonathan Cerrada, Weeping Willow and ,...), jazz (Toots Thielemans, Marc Moulin, Eric Legnini ...), classical music (Gerard Mortier, Bernard Foccroulle, Pierre Bartholomée, José Van Dam,...), la littérature (Françoise Mallet-Joris, Jacqueline Harpman, Amélie Nothomb, Nadine Monfils, François Weyergans, Pierre Mertens, Henry Bauchau,...), la bande dessinée (Tibet, Raoul Couvin, François Schuiten, Philippe Geluck,...), l'art contemporain (Panamarenko, Pierre Alechinsky, Wim Delvoye, Olivier Strebelle, Jan Fabre, ...), les affaires (Albert Frère, Etienne Davignon,...), le sport (Eddy Merckx, Tom Boonen, Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin, Jacques Rogge, Jean-Michel Saive,...).

L'auteur évoque également nos stylistes : "Dans les années 50, les maisons Belgian fashion creations offered mostly in Paris. These houses bought or made models or patterns that they reproduced in other tissues. Today, schools of Fine Arts of La Cambre or Antwerp are a source of new talent. Among them, Jose Enrique Ona Selfa, a graduate from La Cambre, who signs the collection of the house Loewe. Olivier Theyskens, including Madonna wore a dress to the Oscars, and created since 2003, the collections of the house Rochas. Since the '80s, the band of six of Antwerp has a long way. When students were unknown, they all presented their creations in London the famous British Designer Show, and were the revelation of the show. Other fashion houses Belgian offer their creations in Paris: Gerald Watelet, Pierre Gauthier, Yves Dooms, Pascale Olivier Strelli or Kervan, specializing in formal wear. But the Belgian fashion, they are also the accessories: the famous leather goods Delvaux or hats Elvis Pompilio and Christophe Coppens' (p.241). It should also be mentioned the designer Edouard Vermeulen and milliner Fabienne Delvigne working for families Royal Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden!

Jacques Mercier concludes with a tribute to Sister Emmanuelle (born in 1908 Brussels) who ended his life in a retirement home in southern France. His association with more than 50,000 needy children worldwide.

This book introduced me to many little-known personalities and has reinforced my pride in being Belgian. Small in size, Belgium has a remarkable architectural heritage, beautiful green areas, a very important associational life, a lot of talent and folklore now recognized by Unesco. Our multicultural country also hosts several European institutions, including government officials and diplomats sustain our economy and our culture and discover the meaning of Day. Vive la Belgique! Leve België!

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