Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can Herpes Outbreak Be On The Stomach

Josse De Mulder Pauw translated into French by Nicole

Comedian and author Belgian Dutch Josse De Pauw is translated into French for the first time: Genesis editions publish "The time being ", a compilation of two of his works written in Dutch (" Werk "and" Nog ") that tell of memories and stories with her daughter.

the occasion of the release of this book, he confided to journalist Isabelle Monnart in the daily "La Derniere Heure / Les Sports"
"You're glad that you discovered in French in text?
- Yes, I am thrilled! I live my life in Brussels, I have a lot of friends who could follow me speaking in my work in theater, but not in writing. It was at Reading Theatre National I made calls to editors of the foot. And it worked.
- It was interesting for you to read in another language?
- Yes. Because even if I live part of my life in French, here is nevertheless a language foreign to me. I reread in another way, although I agree 100%.
- tell you with great fondness your childhood memories of the campaign!
- was important to me. Because even if I became a citizen today, that's where I grew up. But I did not want to put nostalgia. I think I started to write, to revive a past, to better understand me.
- You do not find here in the theater?
- I do not know. What is certain is that using a material like that the theater would be too nostalgic accents. I started writing when I was thirty years but I was not dreaming of a book: they were mere exercises in observation. I never speak to the theater as I do in this book. "


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