Friday, November 12, 2010

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celestial little game!

Here finally unveiled ... my drawing for the exhibition Sky Doll!

It Is Here At Last ... My artwork for the Sky Doll group show!

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Remember the opening of the exhibition held tomorrow, Saturday, November 13 from 19h! : D

Do not Forget The opening party tomorrow November 13th, starting at 7pm! : D

I'll tell you more about the origin of this drawing in a future post ... but right now right now ...
It's time for a nice game!

As a careful examination of the drawing will show you, there graffiti on the wall behind the head of Noa. The first person who will give me the exact text of graffiti commenting on this blog win a kiss, my eternal admiration, and a numbered edition and signed my Sleeping Beauty !
Remember to leave an e-mail where I can contact you! :)

Obviously this will be much easier for people who come to the expo tomorrow to see the drawing in real life ...!

I will tell you more about The Origins of This Picture In Another update ... but right now ...
It's game time!

As A Careful examination of The Picture Will Show You, There Is a graffiti on the wall just behind Noa's head. The first person to give me the exact text of the graffiti in a comment on this blog will win a hug, my eternal admiration, and a signed and numbered print of my Sleeping Beauty !

Don't forget to leave a valid e-mail address for me contact you if you win! :)

Obviously this is going to be a lot easier for people who will come to the show tomorrow...!


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