Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Price Caroline Rossel 2010

Caroline De Mulder won the Prix Rossel 2010 (the most prestigious literary prize in French-speaking Belgium) for his first novel, "Ego Tango." Born in 1976 in Ghent, she grew up in the region of Mouscron, before living in Paris today while teaching at the University of Namur. More information

Caroline De Mulder was assigned to the group's daily Sud Presse: "Actually, I was not expecting it, because Other nominees were experienced authors. So I was very surprised by the phone call that told me I had won the Prix Rossel. I had to jump into the first train to Brussels, and I myself am wearing! "Ego Tango", three stories into one. A story about the tango. My heroine appropriates his body through the tango. I describe the places related to tango. The second is a story about addiction. The heroine becomes addicted to this dance. And the third is a detective story: a dancer disappears and this little tango world is shattered. Long ago as I write. Moreover, Mr. Andrew, my teacher from primary to sixth Coll├Ęge Sainte-Marie de Mouscron, called my father when he learned that I had won the award for him that I had won a writing contest when I was little. I do not remember ... But above all I began to write regularly from 13-14 years.


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