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Signs Of Gallbladder Attack Vs Flu

"Thresholds Loire (Colette Nys-Mazure)

Born in 1939 in Wavre, Colette Nys-Mazure lives along the Scheldt in Tournai (Belgium). She holds an MA in modern literature at the Catholic University of Louvain. Long French teacher, she continues to lead writing workshops and reading. His first published in 1975. If poetry is his favorite area, she also writes drama, stories, essays and books for youth.

Colette wrote this book of 141 pages as part of a residence of a poet who ran in 2002 for two months at the Centre Municipal de Rochefort-sur-Loire. During his first visit, an icy wind inspires this thought: "How not to feel in a country known since I found the air of us? There, as here, the weather vane turns more willingly than the range it beats the wing.

Moulin Géant, which houses the residence of poet, reminds him of his great-grandfather was a miller who Desmet Augustine in Tournai. Its Moulin de l'Agache (a magpie in Tournai) built in 1808 had been destroyed by the Germans in October 1918. Augustine died in 72 years in 1921, but his daughters (including Harriet, the grandmother of the author) Colette told many stories about him.

Moulin Géant Rochefort-sur-Loire as it evokes the mills Froyennes, Villeneuve d'Ascq, Damme or Kain. References are common in Tournai: "My territory is split by the Scheldt, powerful and unassuming. Nothing to do with the Rhone, the Loire or the Moldau, but my river and I regularly attends, supporting badly the disdainful of some tourists, eager to look, unable to contemplate ".

Colette praised correspondence and writing: "How many people can they go without writing? Ignore the emotion they found letters that say be gone, still vibrating under your fingers, eyes?". After his residency as a poet, she concludes: "These people crossed and these places are surveyed in me does not disfigure vandal. Writing as a witness, legatee. Memory setter. In the wake of the great men poets' m preceded by: the band Cadou Pierre Garnier, Pascal Commère, Thierry Renard, and already the perspective of those who follow me, I am steeped in a country. " Not being

a great lover of poetry, it is mostly comments and reflections of Colette Nys-Mazure that interested me. They taught me more about this great lady that I admire the talent, wisdom and humanism. His love of nature, reading, writing, Tournai and small pleasures of everyday life as reflected in this book.


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