Thursday, October 7, 2010

Camowedding Invitation

Agenda of our authors in October 2010

October 10 at 11am: comparative reading of Stefan Brijs and Liliane Wouters in the Marathon des Mots Brussels (at Passa Porta, Dansaertstraat 46).

From October 13 to 17: The Wrath of Reading is an awareness campaign to books and reading since 1991 organized by the General Department of Arts of the French community. Hundreds of activities are organized. More information

October 14, 2030: literary lunch with Yvon Toussaint Aquilone in Liege. More information

15 and October 16: 25th Anniversary In the house of poetry and the French language in Namur. More information

16 and October 17: 3rd edition of the Book Fair in Liege Policy. More information

October 21: As part of Thursdays Reading, presentation of an anthology of poetry Belgian yesterday and today at the Palace Fine Arts (12.30 to 13.30).

October 24 at 10am: Meeting with Beatrice Libert to the library of Amay.

12, 19 and 26 October: Noon conferences of Poetry in the main auditorium of the Royal Museums Beaux-Arts in Brussels (from 12:40 to 13:30). More information

October 28 at 19:30: Meeting with Beatrice Libert at the Library of Ham-sur-Heure.

October 28 to 18: Interview with Nadine Monfils at the library Chiroux Liege.

All these information are from the bimonthly magazine "The Book and Moments" that you can receive free of charge upon request from the Department of Arts of the French community.


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