Monday, October 25, 2010

Worms Used In Yoghurts

Interview by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

To mark the release of his new book "When I think that Beethoven died when so many idiots live ..." (Albin Michel), the Belgian writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt confided to journalist Didier Debroux:

"Beethoven is the man for man?
- Mozart is the emergence of grace. Inexplicable. Conversely, Beethoven sought in the human spark that upsets us. He denies the inevitability and pushes the man to forge humanity.
- Is it close to Erasmus, who said: "Man is not born, it becomes"?
- It does not deal with God, but he preaches a spiritual conversion. His music has a design life that is not illusory. must transcend to escape pain, into joy and in a relationship in full harmony with nature and events.
- His music is not it a combination of tragedy and optimism?
- This is where I identify with him. Although our lives are fleeting, Beethoven magnifies the meaning of life. It shows the path of heroism.
- Is not it a bit exhausting?
- While it is sound, dense, agitated, loud. He never leaves us in peace. Admittedly, it turns out a fellow hard but so necessary.
- he, the tortured, the tumultuous, he reached the fullness?
- I like to think he fell asleep happy. His last quartet attests. The notes celebrate the accomplishment, existential, moral and spiritual.
- And you?
- Happiness is not to deviate from the pain but to embrace life. Wisdom means accepting life, surrendering, cultivate joy. The road is still long ... "


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