Sunday, October 24, 2010

How To Make A Swing Bike

[EDIT] I was contacted by the provider of Tiger Giant who printed the shirts. They actually found the drawing on a graphics site stock, and did not know he was not free of duties. They were all made to correct and we are currently developing a compensation agreement. :)

[EDIT] I've Received a phone call from The Who Made The shirts beg for Giant Tiger. Theys got the picture from a stock website graphics and Did not Know It Was Under copyrights. They've Been very understanding, and we're clearing a draft legal agreement. :)

This t-shirt you seem familiar?

Does this shirt feel familiar?

This shirt is currently sold at Giant Tiger, Canada. Obviously, it did not bother to ask my permission ...
I contacted in the coming days, we'll see what it's going to ...!

This IS shirt Currently sold at Giant Tiger in Canada. Without my permission, It Goes Without Saying ...
I'll get in touch With Them In The next couple of days and see What They Say About It ...!


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