Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pokemon Soulsilver Ds Rom

The Belgian writer Paul Pourveur

In Belgium, where the playwright Paul bilingual Pourveur seems unique: sometimes he writes in French and in Dutch, as ordering him to come to a theater of the Netherlands , in Flanders and the French community. Born in Antwerp in 1952, her parents speak French and he completed his studies in Dutch. After his school, he sailed from Antwerp to register for the Graduate School of Cinema in Brussels Dutch. He then worked as an editor for film and television. His first songs were screenplays and scripts for documentaries. He proposes to write plays in Dutch (from 1985) and French (from 1989). Pourveur but Paul does not translate itself, he sees just the translations, whether from Dutch to French or vice versa. He has received awards both north and south.

Pourveur Paul told recently: "I very lucky. I always worked on commission, for both the film as the theater, both in Dutch and French. I did not choose to write in a specific language, I responded to requests. Bilingual forever, I am Belgian, French and Flemish writer writer. I never write like a real French or Flemish as true. It will always be in between. With influences from both languages, I think. I never felt a sense of belonging to a specific language. I am like a tourist within languages. Respectful and disrespectful to one side or the other. It is a mixture of both cultures. What gives me more freedom, although often it is close to grammatical errors. But you have to play with language ".


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