Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Destination Wedding Save The Date Letters

Sketch the evening, hope

Like right now I'm working on projects too tope sicrète I can not speak, here's a doodle drawn in my sketchbook while nice buy for the holidays (and not open before school starts - it's bad ...)

As at the moment I'm working it super-secret projects That I can not tell you about, Here Is A Little Doodle From The lovely sketchbook I bought "during the holidays (and didn 't Even use Once Before I got back home - shame on me ...!)

And a test in 10 minutes flat coloring with markers smelling Sambre released his fan (do not drop is not so easy ... la la la ...)
I actually like the way markers were mixed with brown pencil ... I will probably do other tests in this genre!

And a 10-minute shot at coloring It With markers - it looks a lot like one of my favorite French comic, Sambre ...!
I actually like the Way The markers and merge Blended With The brown pencil ... Probably I'll make some more experiments With This!


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