Sunday, September 19, 2010

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A shop in French

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

apologize for this egregious lack of rigor in the updates ... I promise I will show you new things soon!

I apologize for my Lack of Obvious Self-organization In The updates ... I promise I'll soon have new stuff to show you!

I have good news for French readers of this blog: I just opened a shop while French ALittleMarket on the platform, a new site devoted to handmade French. Indeed I know many people are not fluent in English, and do not buy on Etsy where everything is in English and where you have to pay in dollars ...
So, this shop is all in French and euro! And as you're lucky small, prices are more interesting on Etsy, where I must consider in my price fluctuations of the dollar against the euro.
For non-French speaking: for now I only show the shipping cost to France, but feel free to contact me, gladly send abroad, I will add shipping to your country!
I hope you enjoy the store! In the

latest news: now I Have A New shop all in French . I Doubt you care if you're reading this, though! ;) For you
Fran├žais-reading folks, my Etsy shop Is Wide open and waiting for you!


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