Monday, September 27, 2010

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New Book Nicole Versailles

Romanist and facilitator of writing workshops, Nicole Versailles began writing late in life. It became known From 2004 through his blog ( ). This experience inspired his book "All of a blog, a trial-testimony published by Editions Colors Books. She wrote an autobiographical novel very moving, "The child against the child upside down," I told you ( LENDROIT-childs-lenvers-nicole.html ). And I had the pleasure of meeting her by accident last March at the Book Fair in Brussels.

Nicole Versailles has just released a new book entitled "The Bribe". As I have unfortunately not yet had time to read it, I sought the help of the Belgian author Evelyne Wilwerth who has kindly agreed to make me a (very beautiful) report:

"Versailles Nicole really has a sense of new, the density and fall. This literary genre it fits like a glove. It shows a beautiful master narrative. These short texts seem well defined, well framed. No fat, no frioritures. It has the art of playing with the reader (it takes us on a wrong track, it offers riddles). His eyes are human, imbued with tenderness. Even if it portrays the cruelty, dishonesty, meanness and a host of small horrors. Human eyes then, and acute forager souls. What is the job of writers ... She knows how to spend the suffering. Then she has the art of personifying objects. A feature of the universe. In addition, it is a true all new, with these unifying elements that are the table and the color red. The recurrent themes struck me: old age, sickness, loss of memory. And I would note also a historical and political dimension that gives additional power to books. In short, a real content. Molded in a bright and just write.


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