Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anesthesia Palpitations

Skydoll Expo - the pictures!

Hello world!

Hello everyone!

I'm finally back from vacation, and already half swamped ... but I'll still try to update the blog fairly regularly! ;)

I'm finally back from holidays, and burried Already Under work ... I'll try to update frequently to nevertheless! ;)

Here are some pictures of the opening of the exhibition Tribute to Skydoll taking place currently in The Gallery in Montreal, Canada! I'm sorry, Canadian friends (if any who read this blog?), I could not give you the date of opening on time because it was not fixed when I'm on vacation ... but the exhibition continues until mid-September so there is still time for a resit!

Here Are A Few Of The pictures Skydoll Tribute show that's Taking place in The Gallery in Montreal, Canada! I'm very sorry, Canadian friends (if Any Canadians Actually read this Blog), I Could Give You the opening date on time Because it wasn't Decided When I left for holidays ... But The show goes on till mid-september, So You Can Still Catch Up!

Thanks to the Gallery and Barbara Canepa for photos!
Thanks to The Gallery and Barbara Canepa for the pictures!

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