Monday, August 16, 2010

What Is A Good Argument Topic

Skydoll Expo in Montreal

Hello everyone!
Hello everyone!

First, a little message for you that I'll be on vacation until September 1, on a deserted island where computers are eaten by sharks and tarantulas (or almost), so I will not be really reached by then! But I will ...!

Firstly, a little not to let you know That I'm Leaving On holidays and I will be back on September 1rst, goal inbetween I'll be On an Island WHERE computers are food for sharks and giant spiders (or almost) , so I will not be in touch Until Then! But I will be back ...!

For other stories: works the exhibition in honor Skydoll are now visible and open for sale on the site Montreal The Gallery!
You can also see the real thing during the Comic-Con in Montreal at the gallery.
To celebrate, I put some of my favorites!

In other news, The artworks pour la Skydoll tribute show Can Be seen and are available for sale On The website of The Gallery Montreal! You Will Be Able
to See Them In The Flesh Düring Montreal Comic-Con at The Gallery Premises! To celebrate
, I'm Showing you a few "of my favorites!

© Jeremie Almanza

© April Marie

© Lilidoll

© Line Parmentier


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