Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Water From Rock Craft Moses

Tunisia Tunisia Planned to travel from his country to China on board a motorcycle

[De la Tunisie, utilisez: http://mouwatentounsviii.blogspot.com/]
plans Tunisian man from his country to travel to China on board a motorcycle categorically thousands of miles to follow the Olympic Games to be held there in the summer of 2008.
intends to young victor The 25-year-old starting his trip to China in the month of May and will pass through 12 countries with different cultures and customs of the pregnant theme of solidarity between peoples.
The winner has already been Him to a distance of 160 km on foot between his city / Zeramdine / Tunis and to follow the football game between his team and his Moroccan counterpart, and then travel to Egypt on board Ordinary bicycle to watch the team in qualifiers for African Nations Cup in 2006.


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