Thursday, September 20, 2007

Funky Hair Highlighting

opponents Tunisians announce hunger strike

[De la Tunisie, utilisez:]
La majorité des tunisiens sont en infractions tolérées tant qu'on ne dérange pas. Le but? Avoir la possibilité d'agir "légalement" dès qu'on commence à déranger. On n'est pas tous égaux devant la loi.

Liberté d'expression? N'en parlons même pas.

Kiedian began in the "Democratic Progressive Party," the Tunisian opposition Thursday open-ended strike On hunger strike to protest pressure by saying that the party faces and claim freedom of expression and assembly in Tunisia.

Almdharban two hundred and follicular party president, Ahmed Najib Chebbi, editor of the newspaper "The situation is" speaking in his name.

said two militants in the area of human rights during a press conference Akdah inside the headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party, "The Headquarters Hired by the party for more than 13 years and was always the headquarters of the newspaper situation is threatened with closure on charges of exploitation of what is prepared for him ".

An official source said Tunisia" was a matter of dispute Civilian property between the owner and the justification, "stressing that" the judiciary alone eligible for consideration of such disputes ".



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