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Funny Congratulations On Pregnancy Cards

Que veulent les femmes? What do women want?

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En lisant un post sur Diana MagaZine j'ai eu l'idée de parler encore once the relationship between man and woman.

is a subject that has always been complicated for me. And I do not think the only one in this case. And since my early relationships with the opposite sex, I'm interested in this relationship and I actually helped a few readings.

The conclusion of the post in question is "What Women Want, is giving them a choice." It sounds very simple, and it's true that it is simple, but what's that hard to implement.

In fact this complexity is mainly due to the difference between men and women. For man is he who protects, who leads and who should be recognized for his good choice and especially his good advice. Because he is always willing to give advice especially when his wife did not ask, which is terrible for her and gives him the feeling that it is not understood by her partner. For the woman, she takes care of his family, who knows how to maintain his man, who comforts him and is always listening. Because she needs to talk about her feelings so she imagines that it is the same for her man and she believes that this is not normal that does not speak to him of his worries.

So for the man, a man who leaves the choice to his wife is a man who can not fulfill its role and therefore it is useless. And for a woman, if it leaves him no choice is we do not want to listen.

Moreover, it often happens that the man is disappointed after leaving the choice to his wife. In a relationship between men, if someone leaves the choice or request advice from another man and that he is hesitant or unable to help, the first will be disappointed and will avoid repeating the same experience. I think this is not the same among women. Among women they can talk about their worries will leave the choice without necessarily reaching a conclusion or decision of action. Just because that talking to them is just to get rid of certain feelings and relieve themselves. And that's what makes the man and the woman does not understand without knowing their differences and psychological needs. And in particular that is why men do not often leave their choice.

For men: leave the choice to your wives, you can even give the impression that you give the choice even if it is not true. And do not be disappointed if your wife does not have clear idea when you let him choose. Wholesale: Give your wife the opportunity to make choices and when she can not help it.

In women: if you feel that your man leaves you no choice, do not annoy you and rebuke him. Tell him you need to talk to him. And when you can not make your choices, admit that you finally need his help, it's going to flatter you and it was good to talk to him anyway.

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