Monday, September 24, 2007

How To Unblock Websense At School

Grève de la fin de Maya Jribi et Néjib Chebbi en Vidéo

[In Tunisia, use:]

Since Dailymotion has been censored by the authorities our internet ( "أنتر - ناتنا" ) I wanted to share this video with readers in Tunisia and those abroad who have not seen it.

The event has been postponed by some bloggers: COS-SORE-POLIS , Diana , Mouwaten (I've probably forgotten). 4 comments on these 3 posts. I do not blame anybody. But it reminds me of a scene: it's like you're in your car, you see an accident, you're curious, you get to see, and you see the death of a passenger , you see his body on the floor, you are silent, you say nothing, you have nothing to say, there nothing to say you're sorry, but you can not do anything, it is his destiny. This is how we govern in all posts that talk about our freedom. We vote on tn-blogs which for me is a space of freedom to whom I wish a long life on our territory and it is not captured in output hunting. It is already a step.

I commend anyone who speaks freely, who dares to denounce everything that can regress Tunisia we leave to our children. Cheers for the constructive discussion.


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