Friday, September 21, 2007

Kates Playground Rapidsahre

hero as opposed Hachtnac

[In Tunisia, use:]
باللاه شوفو

The Movement of Socialist Democrats (MDS) held Thursday night, a Ramadan lecture on "safeguard the Arab language of the Koran."

Ismail Boulahya, secretary general of the party [...] welcomed the interest that President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali grants since the change in the Arabic language noting that the Head of State made his official speeches in international forums in Arabic confirming the pride of belonging to the Arab-Muslim identity.

Secretary General of MDS recalled in this context, the initiatives of the Head of State in connection with the Arabization of the administration and the selection of Kairouan Islamic capital in 2009.


بربي Bdlolo soar, bunker Botablp Ismail, Bobandir, Bodrbokp,
Luigi everything was Boulahya.
opposition Zni. Ashe does not bash my mouth.
what Hachtnac opposition. Our hero. What Nahbuc Ntqdmo. Let Mpelain Clekina beaten with his stick and humiliation.
our hero, much needed democracy and Izina without Tmnieck.


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