Monday, December 20, 2010

Should Lasagna Be Covered When Baking?

Death of Alain le Bussy

Born Esneux (near Liège) In 1947, Alain le Bussy conducts university studies in political and social, during which he published some news in the journal literature of the circle of the ULG. But something clicked done in 1970 while participating in the first international convention of science fiction held on European soil, in Heidelberg. In 1976, with other enthusiasts, he organized the first international convention Liege science fiction on Belgian soil. He started writing in the late 80s. In 1992, Black River Editions published his first novel "Deltas", part of a planet opera that tells the sinking of an expedition landed on a distant planet. This book won the Prix Rosny elder 1993 at the international convention of science fiction Orleans. In eighteen years (1992 to 2010), Alain le Bussy has published over thirty novels and written over two hundred stories, some of which have been included in anthologies. But outside the circles of science fiction, yet he was misunderstood: in terms of dissemination, his novels have suffered from rapid turnover of Black River editions (which no longer exist today) and have long been difficult to find. Good news: The small French publisher Eons ( ) has reissued all novels Alain left the Black River and you can even download them as e-books. Alain le Bussy died Oct. 15 at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire du Sart-Tilman and buried in the cemetery of Esneux.


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