Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Woman Who Will Speak To Men Wear Girdles

Skydoll - Sisters

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's it! I finished my drawing as a tribute to Skydoll of Barbucci Alessandro and Barbara Canepa ! After my test
Noa / Agape missed, I finally chose to represent and Agape Ludovique ... obviously I could not resist the temptation to draw the sublime Agape and her long red hair! But here I must confess that I turned into a monster, hair ... ahahah

Finally I've finished my tribute to Skydoll illustration by Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa ! Trying and failing
After Noa and at Agape, I Eventually Went With Agape and Ludovique ... Could not resist drawing I just Agape The Beautiful and Her long red hair! Purpose alas, I Turned Her Into a hairy monster, ahahah ...

This drawing will be exhibited at the Gallery to Montreal for a group show on Skydoll during Comic-Con.

This Will Be Shown artwork at the Gallery in Montreal in a group show on Skydoll Düring Comic-Con.


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