Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breakfast Invitation Sample

Thanks! Review

Thank you all very much for your responses to previous message!
It helped me have your opinion ... it allowed me to really think and find new avenues to explore in the future! It's important for me to have this kind of feedback, because I often head to the grindstone and hard to stand back!
I did not and I will not answer your remarks, because ... they are all based and fair, so there's no real answer to do. According to me to see what I want to change in my work, and what I want to keep anyway (and in this case how to avoid repeating the mistakes that you highlighted). I closed the comments because I think the key has been said.
I started to answer those who asked me to critique their work in return, it takes me a little time, I'll try to finish in the coming days!

Thank you very very much for your answers On the previous post! It really
helped to have your opinion... it made me think over and helped me find new tracks to explore soon! It's good for me to have this type of feedback, because I don't often have the time to step back on my own work...!
I haven't and won't answer each of your critiques, because... well, I think they're all constructive and fair, so there's no need for an answer. Now it's my turn to work and see what I want to keep and what I need to change! I closed the comments because I think the core things have already been said.
I've started critiquing back those of you who asked, it's taking a little while so I hope I'll be able to answer to everyone in the next few days!

Sinon, j'ai complètement raté Skydoll the fanart that I showed you preview in a few days ago ...!
Shame! I do not know what happened to me, I got taken as a handle!
So he will leave in the depths of my trash (I started a new image on a different idea) ... but I've still put the face of Noa, who was almost finished when the great misfortune has happened! ;)

In other news, I Completely Screwed Up the Skydoll fanart I Gave you a preview of A Few days ago ...!
What a shame! I Do not Know What Happened, I must have Two Left Hands!
So I Offered it generously to my trashcan (and I started "over there different idea) ... I'm still aim Giving you a glimpse of Noa's face, Which WAS Almost Complete Happened When The Great Woe! ;)


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