Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Riddle About Henrey Viii Wives

Desires copyright ...

I can not help but tell you about the little adventure funny that happened to me last night. ;)

Every few months I do a little research on Google Images for my nickname see where my illustrations are used ... and sometimes I stumble upon something really funny. For example, yesterday, I realize that my drawing is used Masquerade (Non-credit, it goes without saying) to illustrate a blog post.
Nothing very original or very funny you say - it's just the daily lot of all illustrators. Except ... eye on the banner ...

Yes! My drawing shows ... an article on a speech by Sarkozy, published on the official blog of Segolene Royal in Loire-Atlantique! Sacred Sego ... She had a good laugh with his website all rotten, and once again we see that it is still surrounded by a bunch of horns. When one manages the official website of a public figure, especially a political blog, it does not illustrate Articles with drawings retrieved from Google Images, anonymously, without permission, just because it looks pretty, with an obvious relevance in light of the article, in a style "I'm 15 and I want one skyblog "most likeable.

Well, you tell me ... not sure what to make hay.
Obviously, there is no question of usurpation, or commercial use of images, as recent cases with Zara here, here or there , or my misadventure with Pr * Mark . I agree with you.
Except that, anyway, it shows once again that people have only very vague idea of netiquette and copyrights. It's not so bad in itself ... but on a blog that claims to be a public showcase of a character like Ségolène Royal, that's spot. Not very professional, whatever. Not very clear. It shows that even on blogs that want to "serious," the mentality "it's on Google so I do what I want" prevails. It seems to me that whoever manages this blog should at least learn a little about what was right and no right to, and comply with them. ESPECIALLY on a political blog, where then is associated with an ideological content published. Which I find myself associated without having been asked my opinion. : /

Anyway I hope that you will laugh as much as me ... Of course I sent a mail to the blog to ask him to remove the image, to flooder useless comments. :) By
cons do not hesitate to turn this post around you, if you also think it's just abuse anyway!

+ + +

Hi everyone, I will not

translate all of this in Français - Because I do not think it's very Interesting for anyone to French people! Long story made short
, I just found one of my drawings Used As An illustration was (Completely Unrelated) section on a local blog of a French politician, Ségolène Royal, who was candidate for president a couple of years ago. Needless to say, this made me laugh a lot, especially because this person has had some really bad press about how her team is unprofessional with anything internet-related - but I'm still a bit annoyed because, well, I wasn't asked for permission, the picture is obviously there just to "look pretty", I'm not credited... and it's a political blog, so they should be a little bit more careful than lifting pictures off Google Images... bit unprofessional, hmm?! :)


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