Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bluetooth Transfer Interrupted

scanning tutorial

For those of you whom it might interest... I've written a fairly detailed tutorial on scanning and post-editing traditional artwork on DeviantART. :)
It's mainly aimed at beginners, but there are a couple of tips that might be worth reading to some more advanced artists, as I learnt about them myself only recently (especially file types for long-term saving, and using the cloning tool in Photoshop to perfectly stitch together different parts of a large work and to clean-up your picture).

Pour ceux que ça peut intéresser... j'ai écrit un tutoriel assez détaillé sur la manière de scanner et éditer a traditional design on DeviantART (cons is in English). :)
is mainly for use by beginners, but there are one or two things I've discovered only recently (including the types of files, and use the cloning tool on Photoshop make connections perfect for large rooms and final cleaning of the image).


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