Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ultimate Steal Buy Problem

: It's alive! ::

Yop everyone, finally some news.

Another long absence ...:)
I come with several new features. First I participated in Fan Art Contest organized by Ood ( for their collective coming out end of August "Sweety Sorcellery" ... also have to go buy it right out:)

It did me the honor to choose me in first place tie with Didier Cassegrain, which makes me of course more fun and will I further boost thanks to this I will be entitled to a superb original! Ood thank you!

For the rest, I worked earlier this year with an excellent writer who really helped me to grow (thank you to him) Lawrence Habart (Http:// with which we had proposed a "Holy Savior" whose screenplay was accepted, unfortunately my picture did not appeal to the editor.

Now you know everything. Currently I am working with the same writer on a short story of 5 pages. I'll keep you posted!

soon and thank you for those who spend here:) + +


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